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Your 3 2012 breakout players

I'm going to name players that I think will "break out" by doing surprisingly well, when nobody is expecting it. Like people are expecting V.D to do great now.. etc.
I'll be extremely happy to see breakout production from:

Alex Boone - If he starts, I think he can easily become a top lineman.

Tarrell Brown - Guaranteed he would lead the NFL in interceptions or he is paying a full game check to charity. He has amazing hands and is quietly making plays.

Ahmad Brooks - SF fans know him, but if you asked a broncos fan or something, they wouldn't know. Brooks is also quietly a monster for us. I can see 10+ sacks.

C.J Spillman - Loved the way we used him in goal line situations (Think Ravens game). I think that if we use him correctly, he can make some plays. The dude gives 110% on every play. Love his special teams play and would love to see him come up on goal line situations.
Boone, Crabtree and Tarell Brown
style faux pas.....spell out "THREE" looks like "Your 32012 breakout players" (or change it to "Your 3 breakout players of 2012")
Kendall Hunter
Michael Crabtree
Ray McDonald
Lamichael James- Will pull an Aldon Smith, where he was a head scratcher on draft day, but his natural abilities creates mismatches.
Alex Boone- He will become the value OL as his contract is for 1.5 million a year for foour years, will be head and shoulders above Chilo and Snyder
Mario Manningham- Will be viewed as top FA bargain signing even though Moss got all of the press.

The Dark Horse break out year
Colin Kaepernick- AS gets injured and CK never looks back- do not hope this happens, but this is a dark horse prediction
AJ Jenkins
Konrad Reuland at TE- Makes Delanie Walker expendable at end of season.
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L. James
Alex Smith
Tarrell Brown
Randy Moss
Alex Smith
Alex Boone (Pro-Bowl prediction)
Kendall Hunter

Rookie Breakout:
LaMichael James
Tarell Brown
Ahmad Brooks
Anthony Davis
alex smith
terrell brown

and by natural extension of the two fornamed
Alex Smith.....

Comeback player:
Randy Moss

I think there are a lot of the guys that will improve their play (Brooks,Brown,Cully), but not quite breakout.
Into the Abyss:
D.Walker (too many other weapons)
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Brett Swain
Joe Hastings
Brandon Jacobs
First, "breakout" implies dramatic improvement over previous years. Guys like Vernon Davis, Randy Moss, Goldson, Macdonald, and Brooks can't have "breakout" seasons.... they have already proven that they are great players.

Michael Crabtree: He had a solid 2011 season despite learning a new offense, battling injuries, and no decent #2 WR to take some of the defenses attention off of him. I expect him to establish himself as a legit #1 WR that we've been needing for years.

Anthony Davis:He will finally start to look like the OT we drafted him to be.

Honorable mention - Alex Smith: Personally, I think he had his breakout season in 2011. But many still do not think he is the solution. After silencing many of the doubters in 2011, he will shut the rest up in 2012 with improved red-zone accuracy and more down-field attempts.
The whole offense needs to have a break out. Last year was pretty anemic. Terrible to watch on offense.
how many threads are we going to have on this subject?
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