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Why do you love the niners?

Because Jerry Rice is my favorite baseball player
born in fishermans wharf in SF, then lived near downtown in the nobhill area. im almost 23, and have been watching the niners since i can remember. not old enough to remember montana, but definately remember steve young playing. i especially remember owens against the packers in the playoffs with that spectacular last second TD catch. I remember running and sliding on my knees on the hardwood floor at my babysitters house. they thought I was nuts! ill be a niner forever!
I moved from India to San Jose in late 1994 and SB 29 was the first game i watched. Steve Young gave the Chargers the bizness. It has been an emotional roller-coaster ever since.

Plus red is my favorite color and I love gooooooold...

That's why
Born in Cameron Park, CA. Couldn't watch TV other than Niners game once a week.
This needs to be a pinned/annual thread at least one of these pops up every off season
My dad loved the 49ers, hence the reason I do as well.
Born and raised in San Francisco, California. I grew up losing my voice every sunday, and nothing has changed. My major in college is Journalism, and my goal in life is to be an insider for the 49ers.

I do nothing but think about my team. I talk sht to other teams fans whenever given the chance. I come on the boards every day to see what fellow niner fans are thinking about. All of my school projects where I get to select the topic are about the 49ers. My room is decked out in 49er stuff. My prized possessions are footballs signed by Steve Young and Joe Montana. I was able to singlehandedly prove to every band wagon P.O.S. kid in my 7th grade class that the cardinals were the worst team in the NFL after our 2-14 season because we beat them twice. I make my friends who dont know anything about football come over and watch the games with me because thats just how I roll. I dumped my ex-girlfriend because she called my teams colors ugly, and she liked the saints colors better (one of the reasons anyway.). I make bros who think they know football awkwardly stop talking when I overwhelm them with my football knowledge and passion for my team. I really love writing overly long paragraphs on forums to random people about how much I love the 49ers. And I f*cking hate the Seattle Seahawks.

Go Niners.
I live in LA but my dad always did business up in SF and my family fell in love with the city so much that we considered it over our city over LA. We visited almost every month when i was little and we grew to love the 49ers around the young montana controversy era. My dad died a few years ago and i think i feel so passionately about the niners because it makes me feel close to my dad...49ers for life!!!!
Joe Montana. My grandpa was a huge Notre Dame fan and I watched Joe in college. My grandpa was also a huge cowboy fan, the first NFL game I ever watched all the way through was "the catch". I have been a fan ever since. I feel lucky to have seen all of the championships and I feel we have another coming soon.

Born and raised in columbus pro teams,just the buckeyes.have hated them and their fans since inception.was a bungles fan in the mid 80's as a kid cuz evry one around me was one.Browns and their fans seemed garbage for as long as I could remember.wanted NO PART of those a*****es.wanted to be different and go against the crowd.the teams and their fans suck here,just thought that just cause im from here,doesnt mean I have to root for em.

was aware of the 9ers after "the catch",but at that time,couldnt catch all the games from the west coast until playoff time.88 sb asswhoopin of the broncos caught my attention.EVERYTHING bout the 9ers was the exact opposite of what I was exposed to bout football here in ohio.

Watched the 89 sb from start to finish and ive been hooked ever since.we just did things different and with a higher standard from top to bottom.
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i don't LOVE them..i just kinda sorta like them
Was born and raised to be a New Orleans Saints fan here in the swamp. What can I say? I'm a f**king rebel.

When I was a kid, the Niners simply won me over. Back then, they were in the same division, so I was very familiar with the Niners. I had really begun to despise the Saints. Not so much because they were losing games so much, but because of all of that "who dat" nonsense... Tom Benson prancing around with his umbrella... the local songs on the radio that annoyed the crap outta me... the fans and their sloven, backwater pigishness. The players were typically foul and nasty.. always bringing a classy team like SF down to their level with the brutal and physical games.

So then, I had tons of opportunity to watch this nice, clean, red-jersey team... and I made a decision that this was the team for me. Took a lot of sh*t about it over the many years... went to a lot of SuperDome games wearing my Niners jerseys... and I never budged. 49ers all the way for me!
Originally posted by bigmike55:
Because I love men.

This, I love big strong able bodied men slamming into each other while grunting and sweating
My dad played for them the first 6 years of my life. Didn't have a choice.
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