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who deserves a ring the most???

who deserves a ring the most???

Mike Rumph
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this one is easy Alex and Gore no one has had to put up with more bs from the team and NFL than these two.
Gore carried the team and his talents were wasted during his prime.

Without gore, this team would b unwatchable for the past 5 years.
Anybody that had to play for Nolan and/or Singletary
Gores been busting his ass for yearssss
Brandon Doman
Darrell Jackson, Kwame Harris, Kentwan Balmer, Jose Cortez, Kyle Williams and Jonas Jennings.
Duplicate thread
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Yo Mama deserves one!
How about the entire team?...........

Cant pick between gore and cowboy. both are deserving.
Originally posted by fly15:

Thanks fly, but I don't wear rings.
Sourdough Sam
Cowboy ftw.anybody that played for the sorry ass browns or bengals and left deserves one.the mere agony of bein drafted in the 1st round by one of those teams,smh.
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Monta Ellis
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