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Fan perception of Harbaugh

To demonstrate the irrelevance of perceptions . . . here's some player Twitter posts over the last couple of hours during a mini-camp eve team dinner . . . sounds like Nate Palmer, Vernon and Harbaugh sang some karaoke . . . good stuff.

Tarell Brown ‏@RealTB25: Vibing with the teammates at a restaurant #live band playing

Darius Fleming ‏@dfleming58: The singers at this restaurant can flat out sing.

Kyle Williams ‏@KyleWilliams_10: They got @RealNaPalm in here singin his $@% off in this Resturaunt tho

Darius Fleming ‏@dfleming58: My dog @RealNaPalm just killed it

Curtis Holcomb ‏@C_Holcomb24: This man Vernon Davis is a horrible singer sand man need to get buddy off the stage

Bam Davis ‏@AnthonyDavis76: Coach got some soul in em yo. lol

Tarell Brown Tarell Brown ‏@RealTB25: Best head coach in league #fun n funny guy

Trenton Robinson ‏@T_Robinson39: Had to much fun out wit the team today #lmao

Darius Fleming ‏@dfleming58: Had a great time tonight. This is the beginning of something special #NinerEmpire
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Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Harbaugh just did the "revisionist" history thing to keep Alex Smith's head on straight. It's him trying to show support for Smith even though getting Manning would be his preference ( it would with any other coach). Pretty transparent, but if it works.......who cares.

I don't think there's anything JH says that is straightforward or transparent. Everything has an angle, wheels within wheels, plans within plans. He didn't get the whole "evil genius" rep just because he tried to trap James Bond in a giant underground compound with laser sharks and a death machine that doesn't work
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