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Will Bruce Miller have a bigger role in the offense this season?

Im not even sure if he will make the team
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He is explosive as a receiver out of the backfield, I would like to see him get 20+ catches at least, his long TD reception against Washington was the deepest pass thrown to a FB by any team last season, I can't remember William Floyd, Marc Edwards , Tommy Vardell , Marc Logan or even Tom Rathman hauling in such a long bomb ......Bruce can build on his solid rookie season , do you guys feel he will have his # called more this season ?

Fred Beasley 2003 monday night football

damn !!!!! I forgot to add Beasley ...Punishing Lead Blocker
Can't believe no mention of Roger Craig--92 in '85! Had only two seasons with fewer than 20 catches and his first four years (full time FB) he averaged 73. The good old days!
Miller's output really depends on how much spread offense we run. With the addition of more receivers and two talented TEs, we could easily run more 1 RB formations. If we do, Miller's output will go down.

Having said that, I would love to see Miller leading for James. It won't take much space for LaMichael James to create some huge runs.
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Im not even sure if he will make the team

LOL que?