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Who do you most want punched in the mouth by the 49ers this season?

Who do you most want punched in the mouth by the 49ers this season?

Originally posted by oldman9er:
Nice list... had to vote for the Seahawks though. Just hate those *******.. their fans, and their HC.

This times a thousand! I didnt even look for the list to decide, i just went huntin for those b*****ds to click
The Giants...I'm still not over it

I chose "other" to select just one, such as the Giants, would be to get away from our mission, which is total domination and our sixth championship. Anything less is failure.
Packers and Giants
Living in the Green Bay area i would love nothing more to punch Rodgers in the mouth
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Tebow... Tebow...
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Other - Grant Cohn.
Saints Lions NFCW especially the Seahawks Patriots Giants oh what the hell all of them!
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I want to see Jim Short's face after harbaugh outcoaches him again. Same goes for seattle. Giants would be nice to beat for obvious reasons but I don't hate them as a team. It's not like they even beat us, we beat ourselves in that game.
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Saints too
Originally posted by jreff22:


I think the Saints have been punished enough, plus they are in shambles.

I completely hate the the Seahawks and their fans. I would love nothing more than to destroy them.

Let's go photoshoppers!!!!!
I'm so damn bitter about that Giants loss I want them all to rot in Hell. I'm not even fond of those two Ex-GMen on my team. I'm from NY and haven't actually heard too much **** from Giants fans. They know they got a freebie and I WANT THEM TO PAY.
Also nice that the Giants game falls on MY BIRTHDAY this year. Happy Birthday to me, Aldon just ended Elis season. Too much to ask?
1. Giants
2. Packers
3. Lions
4. Saints
5. Seahawks

6. and the rest of dem.........
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