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Would you trade Crabtree ?

Crabtree haters, lol
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Originally posted by Young2Rice:
He's been to everything so far this year.

I think his percieved lack of work ethic is really his injuries.
if he keeps up his good work with his team mates he has shown so far i am more than willing to step up and say, i was fooled by the "perception" he was lazy and not a team player
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Banggggg,! Got a warning........?
Banggggg,! Got a warning........?
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Originally posted by bklyndrew31:
to me his heart is in Texas, i would trade him for sure to the Texans for a 2nd rounder at the least ...

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Would I trade Crabtree for a first rounder? Sure, but no one would offer it. As a result, I think it is best to keep him, and hope that he lives up to his first round status. Alex Smith has started to be worth a first round pick (if not #1 overall), so maybe all that Crabtree needs is time as well.
You people really hate him huh
no keep him til his contract is over then trade him
we wouldnt get enough to justify giving him away.

You would not get much, 4 to 6 if you're lucky. Let's see how things play out in training camp.
in a second and you will suck his what?
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Originally posted by Lilnico49er:
no keep him til his contract is over then trade him

That makes sense
Trade him before he gets hurt again.
Crabtree for Demarcus ware. Do it!
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