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2012 Footbal School Pics

Never been been so excited just seeing a few work out pics. So much optimism going into this season. And the possibility for this offense and the overall team. Don't know if you guys feel the same, but freak'n eager to get the season started. These guys look determine and ready to blowup any team in their way. Feel so much like a SB year in the 80's.
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Hate how he points the front of the ball behind him!!!!! Hate it!

Fixing that alone will shorten his windup.

JH said he dont wonna mess with it.

Every QB in the league does that
Don't see Manningham??
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Don't see Manningham??

He didn't sign his contract yet.
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Look at coach. That is a nice three step drop.

How in the world can you possibly know that's a 3 step drop? video? maybe?

Glad to see the receivers' pics. One thing that bothered me last year was the occasionally run-before-catch. It would happen like one time a game, but still. These pics show these guys 100% eyes on the ball. I know that they have no defenders to worry about, but I still like seeing that.
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Thanks for the awesome pics!

1. Who's the white guy catching the pass, can't quite see his number?
2. I hope Randy plays his heart out to win a championship... I never cared for the guy but I know how good he can be.
3. Seriously, it doesn't matter if it's hot, cold, rain or shine... Harbaugh is going to wear that sweater.

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Looks like Iupati cut his hair.

Looks good! Hopefully this is a trend!
Lupati cutting his hair, dude is gonna go beast on someones ass!

The gauntlet! Crabtree looked really good!

We're gonna have 2 1000 yard WRs and 1 1000 yard TE!
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Lupati cutting his hair, dude is gonna go beast on someones ass!

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Kaep has way way way way way way way too long a delivery. He looks ridiculous throwing the ball.

I don't like Kaep's delivery in still pictures either. It's awful. I know Sports Science did something showing his quick delivery, and many QBs have found success with a wonky delivery (Rivers, Favre). Here's some info on his delivery in case anyone is interested.

Matt Miller's Scouting Breakdown:
Matt Miller
Mechanics: There is a lot of work to be done here. He has a lack of experience taking snaps from under center and needs to work on remaining balance while scanning the field. Another key issue is his grip on the ball, which is too loose. He also will drop the ball below his sternum before throwing, wasting time and motion. Has a hitch in his delivery that needs worked out, as a long release slows down delivery and makes interceptions more likely. Has to do a better job setting his feet and squaring his shoulders to deliver the ball. Must also learn to step in to his throws and not just sling the ball from his shoulder.

On his accuracy:

Point of Comparison: Brett Favre
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hey guys,, real quick,,,, is what they are doing now with this conditioning stuff different than what they were doing two years ago?Did some things change in regards to OTA"s and what is allowed in the aftermath of the strike last year?? thank you
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