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2012 Footbal School Pics

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That isn't Ginn.

It is everyone's favorite WR Kyle Williams.

next time he does that, i hope he jumps so high he just floats away, never to return as a niner


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Hate how he points the front of the ball behind him!!!!! Hate it!

Fixing that alone will shorten his windup.

JH said he dont wonna mess with it.

DE's are going to love rushing this guy. They can bat the ball even when they appear to have over ran the QB by a yard.
Derek Hall #71 looks massive.
Sorry repost.
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Anthony Davis is freakin fat.

He is an offensive lineman. He isn't that fat.
Iupati chopped his hair off doe
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Alex has been workin out, legs and arms look huge
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Alex has been workin out, legs and arms look huge

He does look a little stockier. That should help a little with his base while throwing.
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Look at coach. That is a nice three step drop.

Only a true QB expert can count steps from a picture.
everyone here became a quarterback coach

Nice pics bro. Thanks
In the camp video on, it bugs the s**t out of me watching Vernon do a 5 yard curl and turn in one spot and stand literally flat-footed like a statue. Even on though it's half speed, he should still at least be on his toes or shuffling his feet or practice sliding left or right or screening an imaginary defender or something. Even Moss took a step toward the QB.

Vernon's stop type of routes suck.
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thanks for posting the pics I just seen on WookieOfTheYear (valrod33 )
Kaep's throwing motion looks like a pitchers somewhat. I know he used to pitch in the past, he probably got some of his motion from that.

His release time isn't really that long, just looks like it. Harbaugh commented on that when we drafted him.
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