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Considering our additions at W.R. How would you rank Crabs as our W.R?

Considering our additions at W.R. How would you rank Crabs as our W.R?

Williams > Crabs
we have no #1's, he is still the only shot to be a #1 in 2012. I would say he is a about 30% to become one, 70% to be a career "meh"
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
feeeeever, I think it is going to be hard to make a list of our WRs as far as talent goes.WHY? Because i believe one of our best receivers is going to be LaMichael, and he isn't listed on the WR chart. Yet my gut feeling is he will be our #1 go to WR(altho he is obviously a RB). I fully expect to see WR sets that we haven't seen before, and further expect LaMichael to be in motion a lot. I cannot believe with the WRs above we do anything but split everyone out wide, except for la Michael. My guess is WRs will be playing in slots in different positions for different plays, based on their ability to play where each of a zillion different sets put them. I do not expect this O to look like any O we have seen here. Harbaugh is like sean payton in his concocting of plays. He is a genius in fact. (entirely different set of moral values, however). But i expect coach to have weird sets, motion sets, X playing at Z, Y playing at X and virtually motion on every play. It also means if we split our guys wide, frank is in for a great yr. I expect la michael to have double the yds receiving he has running. His RAC is going to be fascinating.

As for grading WRs in order, I just think we are going to see an Offense that makes everyone sit on the edge of his seat, wth WRs switching from one slot to another from play to play...and that is really tough on a D. Eventually we will find out who gets open the best, who catches errant passes the best, who catches those balls that hit the WR right in the numbers...but i don't think any of that is predetermined. I also think Harbaugh will do his best to get all pass catchers the ball essentially equal amounts of times. If say crabs is best in slot but suddenly splits wide on other side, who does the D cover, and how.? That is how i think Coach is going to use all ball catchers(WRs ,RBs,TEs). This yr we get to see just how good his play calling is. At stanford it was truly remarkable, last yr he had very few options, and this yr is going to be fascinating... for all of us.

if you're going to go that route. don't forget about VD.

i agree with you on the balancing out part. but it should lean more towards VD and Crabs in they key situations. i don't believe in the whole spread it around theory anymore. if any WR solidifies themselves as a true #1 target, the game plan will demand to be geared towards that person. Right now that person should be VD (as he was in the playoffs).
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