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Considering our additions at W.R. How would you rank Crabs as our W.R?

Considering our additions at W.R. How would you rank Crabs as our W.R?

Crabtree has always been a little better than his competition on the depth chart. Up until now that competition has basically only been Josh Morgan. My hope is that the level of competition with the current depth chart will force Crabtree to raise his game. I can't think of one specific time from when Crabs was drafted to now that he had any real legitimate competition for the #1 roll, its basically been his by default because everyone else either sucked or was injured. Not any more, hes going to have to work to keep the job for the first time in his career.
I think Crabtree will have his best year (at least I hope so) due to a better supporting cast and competition at WR. But to answer the question, I think he is the #1 only by default cause he's spent the most time with Alex. I can see Crabcakes fall into the #3 or #4 spot if Moss comes back to form, Jenkins emerges his rookie season and Manningham is solid as they come.
The kid is good. His game improved as the season went on. I think now with some legitimate competition he will rise up and be who he was supposed to be. Sure I don't feel he's a #1 but he has the makings of a 1.5.
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Crabs, was only the best receiver on the team last season because Morgan got hurt, he moved up briefly when Morgan left, but now he is #3 at best...and that's a good thing, think of the talent we have now! Crabs better wake up smell the coffee and get his ass to work! He has the talent to be the best guy in this bunch, but...
So Morgan was the best wr on our team last year... Better than VD and Crabs...
His rapport with Alex was the best out of all the WR's...had he stayed healthy he may of been very close to Crabs.

VD is a TE
Ehh. They all run out and catch passes. VD is always seen as being great with the stats he puts up. If Morgan had put up the stats Crabs did last year everybody would think he was the greatest. In the end, the Niners made very little attempt to resign Morgan and Crabs once again led all wr's on the team.

Crabs was our best wr and will be next year as well.

Difference was Morgan was a 6th round pick, Crabs was top 10 and has made a fortune. Morgan was too pricey for our taste, Washington overpaid so Trent needed to let him walk.

Crabs was the best WR out of Williams, Ginn, Swain, and Hastings.....not impressed.
It might matter to some people for their expectations for Crabs but at the end of the day, Harbaugh is not going to care what round Morgan or Crabtree was drafted in. Harbaugh had no ties to this team or offense. The best players will play. Crabtree hauled in the best stats in Harbs offense last year. If they felt like Morgan was a better wr, wouldn't they find a way to keep him. Again draft position doesn't matter, and it's not Crabtree's fault that Morgan got hurt and so did Edwards. He choose to play hurt all year and still beat out the other wr's you named and even VD...who is Alex's favorite target.
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To him having a helluva year!!
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i know its only one day but i am very glad to see him out there being with his team mates and not hurt!i do not root for him to fail.that is not logical
#1- Moss
#2 Toss up between Crabtree and Manningham

I don't see how people can rationalize Moss being any lower than #2.

The notion that he won't make it out of camp is laughable. If that was the case, they'd have never bothered signing him in the first place.

Crabs is in the situation that VD was a few years ago. People have readjusted their expectations for him because he's failed to deliver.

He still has promise but those that think it will come to fruition are dwindling by the day (me being one of them).
And what I mean by that is I don't think Crabs will ever be anything special. A solid #2 at best.
Finally a writer that isnt afraid to say something about Crabs. If Moss and Jenkins prove out Crab will be no better then fourth string. For all you Crab lovers get real he is not a good receiver but he was the best we had and that just goes to show you how bad our receivers corps were last year.

I actually have to agree with Idaho on this topic, Crabtree is a bum and I don't know why everyone keeps ranking him as a #1 receiver. The reason Crabtree stats are not better is because he cant get open. Plain and simple any team that can play defense can shutdown Crabtree (go inside the numbers if you don't believe me) (Bengals, Steelers, Cleveland, Giants etc)........He should never be mention as a number 1 receiver.........#1 receivers still shine against good defenses... see Calvin Johnson vs US........Also a #1 can win one on one match-ups against corners, do you really believe Crabtree can do that......because Rogers does not either

I am OK with people calling him a number 2 receiver but a number one is absurd

The lineup should look like this


Where the location of Jenkins and Crabtree can be interchanged. Or it will look like this if Moss does not make the team

AJ Jenkins
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The Future is This IMO.

#1 Jenkins
#2 Manningham
#3 Williams

But to answer the Poll. Crabtree will not be starting.

so this means Williams will supplant Crabtree in camp? You actually believe this?

I do. I have all offseason. Williams Offers more in the slot than Crabtree does. The Kid had one less TD than crabtree last season in extremely limited play. Crabtree is the most overrated player on our team.

Williams is going to suprise people in camp.

I agree. Williams was a very good player. He had one bad game, which we have to get over. Further, he will be playing with a huge chip on his shoulder. I think he will really surprise people this year. Meanwhile, Crabtree is the only guy who thinks he doesn't have to come to camp. I'm excited to see what Moss can do, but he's really a one year rental.
Crabs has more talent than all those guys other than Moss. The guy is a really smooth natural pass catcher. Hes just not consistent with his routes or seperation. If he never gave any indication hed be able to separate then id say hes destined to be a #2 3 at best for his career. The guy is a baller and as long as hes with us hell be given #1 status. mostly cause hes a top 10 pick lol
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Crabtree and Moss will be listed as gameday starters but Manningham will play more "X" in base formation with Crabtree at "Z"....

When they go 3-wide, Manningham/Crabtree slide to the Slot and Moss goes to "Z".

In 4-wide (rare formation for Roman's offence from what I saw last season) A.J. Jenkins will play "X", Moss "Z" and Crabs/Manningham/Walker will alternate at Slot

In passing situations out of running formations, Crabtree plays the lone-WR position with Delanie Walker at H-Back

If Moss & Crabtree/Manningham are on the field at the same time, look for Roman to align them on the same side of the formation often to create great passing windows by using Moss' speed combined with Crabtree and Mario's ability to change direction and run underneath combination routes.

Ted Ginn doesn't come into the game at WR unless we're running Fly Sweeps or Hail Mary types situations which preserves him at KR/PR

Kyle Williams gets cut....I don't see the team bringing 6 WRs into the regular season. He's already fumbled away his hopes of playing reserve KR/PR.. The only reason they would keep him is for his skills in the slot but with the addition of LaMichael James and Kendall Hunter, they can get pass production from those too by splitting them out wide...

Just my take....
Right now? Who knows.

Crabtree=no. 1 last year
Manningham=on a stacked Giants roster with Cruz and Nicks
Moss=how much does he have left?
Ginn=hung onto for his return skills, how much will he really contribute as a WR?
Williams=on the bubble.

All that being said, I think Crabs enters camp as the no. 1 guy. How it all plays out will be interesting.
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