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Jason Slowey is a 49er

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Slowey and Looney. Who's next?
Originally posted by Bay_Area_Fan:
Slowey and Looney. Who's next?

haha....49ers mentioned @ the end of that video....
Seems like a cool guy... interesting about mentioning SF and them asking him why he only weighed 300. Looks like he has room to add weight.
Well he said he visited with the 49ers. He'll get his chance on the practice squad.
sounds a bit like jeff garcia
Honestly 6th and 7th rd guys usually dont make the team, and we don't have any major weaknesses, thus picking up a developmental OL is fine by me.

I think Jenkins and James are the locks to make the 53, and be on 46 man active gameday, and I think Looney will make it as a 8th OL, and Fleming will make it IMO as the 4th OLB and special teamer.

Robinson and Slowey will have to fight to make it, I give them solid shots right now, Robinson would be a nice backup to Goldson.

And you can't get super stars at every pick. I'm surprised that Billy Winn is still available, I thought he would be gone.
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like this pick...think him and staley will get along

I like this pick. Can't really expect more than competition this late in the draft. Seems like a good guy, and could be solid depth
He's probably happy just to be leaving Medford.
Doesnt look like he can put much more weight on to me.
Harbaugh's dream, rhyming O-line:

Staley - 'Pati - Slowey - Looney - AD
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Harbaugh's dream, rhyming O-line:

Staley - 'Pati - Slowey - Looney - AD

Come had it!

Staley - 'Pati - Slowey - Looney - Anthony

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