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Josh Johnson or Colin Kaepernick?

Josh Johnson or Colin Kaepernick?

You gotta hope for CK to be honest. He is bigger, younger and has a stronger arm. If he can put it all together he can be really good.

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This thread is hella boring
Originally posted by HoRneR:
You gotta hope for CK to be honest. He is bigger, younger and has a stronger arm. If he can put it all together he can be really good.

you pull for the better player
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
This thread is hella boring

What do you expect out of these 2. One of them has never played in a full NFL game. The other had more 'experience' with 4 horrific games.

As long as one of them beats out that selfish prick Alex.
neither of them have been able to provide enough body of work while on this team to say anything imho....
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Not fond of any of them, don't really like the signing of Johnson either.
Hey, we stole Steve Young from Tamp Bay, you never know...
Josh Johnson has a good rapport with Harbaugh and Harbaugh was probably glad he was reunited with JJ. I think that CK7 is our future. He needs to stay in the pocket more, so he can develop his throws. Many times I see the highlights of the guy doing optional plays and just runs with the ball. If CK7 can similar to how Cam Newton played in his rookie year. Then the 49ers are going to be great with CK7.

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i think Ck is due for another year of setting, learning and developing before he can be considered a starting quarterback. again i think that is exactly the reason why the front office went out and got josh johnson
I think Josh Johnson has more to play for at this point in his career. JJ can't afford to not play well if he wants to stay in the NFL, so he better work hard. This should push him and CK, and hopefully Alex Smith as well.
Originally posted by NinerGold39:
Kap can do more backflips

unless his hands are on his hips.

Seriously, If Kaep is the guy, the future would look better to me at the position. I voted on hope.
You forgot to add Alex Smith's name to the vote. You by so doing my 1st pick is CK7 my 2nd JJ and I guess Alex 3rd
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
He was one of the worst QB's I've ever seen in the preseason. Running into the RB on handoffs.

Umm hello! This is a rookie who had a week of trainning camp, and a minamal chunk of a complex playbook to Make Sir Isaac Newton Sweat. And your complaining about how he looked in preseason? Alex performed worse than CK7, plus alex has 7years more experience on him. I'm positive Alex will be sitting the pine by week 4.
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