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Brandon Jacobs a 49er

Originally posted by 228niner:
Gore - Thunder

Hunter - Lightning

Jacobs and Dixon - slightly chill winds after the storm?

i dont like this move at all, cocky dude aint even that good..just to seem him happy and celebrate might piss some teamates off.
Guess that changes some mock drafts now doesn't it?
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Can he play right guard?

Matt Maiocco ‏ @MaioccoCSN
RT @Mjw2884 Brandon Jacobs??? This makes no sense to me > 49ers don't have confidence in Dixon and consider Hunter as change-of-pace back.
Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by susweel:
I dont get his move at all, I would have rather them drafted a RB or get someone else.
it does free up a mid round draft pick to get someone like a safety which we need or maybe even an extra wideout.I think this is a band aid move to spell gore this year, which we can afford to do since gore is still more than respectable. i think next year is the year we get serious and look for a running back and prepare for gore to retire

Im not sure what to make of it yet hopefully we still draft another RB.
All that crazy Dixon tweeting paid off!
WTF? We just signed the tim tebow of RBs.
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I hope 2007-2008 Brandon Jacobs shows up for us
cool little pick up.. never liked his attitude but as long as he produces then i'm not trippin'

Originally posted by sf49ersx11:

Jacobs: Let's bounce out this b***h bro.
Manningham: Word. I hear Frisco's tight doe.

bruh.....i ilterally "LOL"....cuz i just imagined both of them actually sounding like that
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Last year they won the Super Bowl, so they somehow made it work. TAKE THAT!!!!

With little thanks to him.

No one needs to lecture me on Jacobs. I live in NYG country. I've seen my share of Jacobs.
Originally posted by ilikecows699:
i dont like this move at all, cocky dude aint even that good..just to seem him happy and celebrate might piss some teamates off.

cocky can be swagger, Gore needs someone else that can carry the load with him and converting 3rd downs in the ground game with Jacobs on the field just became easier. He wont have to do any talking because VD will do all the talking there is.
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Last year there were many situations when Gore needed a breather, and Niners needed a yard or two for a first down, Hunter isnt that kind of back, and Dixon proved he isnt either, Jacobs can do that, and more importantly he's a very good blocker (Barber is talking bout that now on 95.7)

I would have prefered a draft pick take Dixons spot, but as noted..Niners can wait till next year for that

I gotta go cross Cyrus Gray off my mock draft now
Eric Branch ‏ @Eric_Branch
RT @TheBlueScreen: Jacobs got a one-year deal from #49ers, says source. Total package could be worth more than $2M, base value is less.
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