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Who do you WANT to be QB

Who do you WANT to be QB

Mannings out, I think he never was an option. Now the 49ers have to go with whos best the Manning pipe dream is over! Alex is best of whos out there!
Or anyone but Alex!!!
out of the three options presented.... I would feel more comfortable with Alex Smith.

I understand the interest and wanting to see Kap play, I feel the same way, but I just don't have the confidence that he has the ability to play an entire season and be a number 1 quarterback at this point. I know what we have seen from him has been a sample size to say the least, which is why I am still not sold on him. I would like to see him in training camp and some more preseason action before we start throwing him in there as our starter.

As far as Josh Johnson, I've never really understood the love for Johnson......
Jim Druckenmiller
Originally posted by rdc1:
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i think CK looks like a boy that grew up in a 2story get everything you ever wanted house... thats pure opinion and no fact though lol

Like getting recruited by the big programs (he did not because they all expected that he would go baseball).
Like being handed the keys to the program without competition at Nevada

He got his chance when the starting QB broke his ankle. when he went in his team was losing. Colin entered the game with 8:23 remaining in the second quarter. He would go on to amass 384 yards passing, 4 TD's and 60 yards rushing.

Or how about his first start, when his team was a 26 point under dog to Boise playing at Boise. Entering as 26 point underdogs to the Boise State Broncos, a team that had never lost on its home field to a WAC opponent, Colin would help guide the Wolf Pack to a near upset of the Broncos in what would eventually become one of the highest scoring game in NCAA history (69-67 in 4 overtimes). The game was nationally televised on ESPN and would be deemed an Instant Classic to be re-aired on the networks ESPN Classic station in the following days. Compiling 243 yards passing with 3 TD's and rushing for another 177 yards and 2 scores.

In every case so far he has pretty much had to prove others wrong.

I suspect that he will do the same here.

lol well i can see why your so defensive since all your posts have been saying how good CK is, but uhmm i was talking about his household as i put in my post... not his college resume..... and cool he was in a game as a underdog.. let me know if he wouldve won that game if the defense never made a stop or he was playing 1 vs 11 on offense... anyways.. i have a feeling his family gave him EVERYTHING, you guys remember someone said they seen him and his mommy buying him his comforters and crap before last year?? lol his mommy still doing those things for him and he is like 25?
Originally posted by ninerfreak:
This is Smith's team wether people like it or not....a full offseason training camp is going to make the chemistry between these players even better....

I want to say Kaep now but.. i changed my mind back to alex after looking at this pic of his form/throwing motion

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Who cares about the money? We aren't near the cap and we are not trying to cut costs, were trying to put out the best possible team to win a Super Bowl.

For this year it is clearly Alex IMO.
I WANT whomever can execute our office most efficiently. If that's Alex, so be it. If Kaep or Tolzien clearly outplay the others in camp and preseason, so be it. So far, I haven't seem anything from the backups that suggest either one should be ahead of Alex (assuming he doesn't sign with Miami, that is).

For me Colin Kaepernick......

This was before Harbaugh got a hold of him...

This guy is a straight athletic stub.... Remember, Alex Smith wasn't exactly a proven commodity when Harbaugh came.. There is no reason to believe with a year on the bench and a real full off-season that Kaep can be a much better QB who already has a superior skill set and upside. Just needs the game experience.

No QB is ever truly ready until they are thrust into the action!
Originally posted by defenderDX:
I want to say Kaep now but.. i changed my mind back to alex after looking at this pic of his form/throwing motion

If you watch the training camp vids, then the pre-season, you'll see at warm-ups during both the Divisional Round and NFC Championship game that his release looks much different, better and quicker. Hell it was already at .64 seconds before Harbaugh...
Alex Smith. Kaep would have to do a 180 from last year's preseason performance for me just to even begin to think that he's ready.
Lol @ the webzone acting like they know a damn thing about Colin Kaepnick other than we traded up to get him. No one really has any reason to doubt that he can handle the starting job. If Harbaugh deems he is ready to play this year everyone should be thrilled about it.
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