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FA WR -- can 49ers attract the right guy??

Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by NinerGM:
LOL!! Seriously? Did this need it's own (b***hing) thread?
i just assumed this was created just as a way to find another way to bash alex
It will get there, just give it time
niners should use
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Originally posted by matt49er:
I don't understand the widespread questioning of the offseason plan by the 49ers FO. A lot of fans are going nuts over us not re-signing Alex Smith yet. Maybe more are taking the not signing a WR or a top end FA thing way too far AGAIN for the 2nd year in a row. Last year we waited through the storm of FA and ended up with Carlos Rogers, Donte Whitner, Jonathan Goodwin, and Braylon Edwards late. Early all we did was sign David Akers, Alex Smith, Blake Costanzo and let Takeo Spikes, Abrayo Franklin walk and told Dashon Goldson to go ahead and leave if he didn't want our deal and he ended up coming back. How did you like those moves?

This year early on we kept the entire D in tact by extending Ahmad Brooks, Carlos Rogers and franchising Dashon Goldson. Both the organization and Alex Smith have said hundreds of times, a deal will get done. Are you all really that worried that it wont? Not to mention the team has signed Randy Moss to be a deep threat to a low risk deal. They signed a guy in Perrish Cox that can come in and contribute on ST and provide depth at CB. Rock will do essentially the same and challenge the twitter king Anthony Dixon for a roster spot.

This team is doing its due diligence. Every WR outside of the Jackson, Meachum who both got crazy money has visited or talked to the 49ers. They WILL sign 1 maybe 2 of them before it's over. They WILL draft a WR or 2 or who knows 3. We've also brought in a couple OL to improve the RG spot.

Instead of at least letting it ride for more than 3 days, everyone would rather whine that we didn't resign Blake Costanzo. It's great being a niner fan
I agree with you. First of all I believe that Kilgore showed enough in preseason that they were okay losing Adam Snyder who was sound but never a top tier guard. Josh Morgan hurt but he has been inconsistent. He had shown flashes but never put together a complete season, maybe it was the Qb fault. Randy Moss was a low risk , High reward signing that surprised me but I'm glad we made it especially since losing Morgan. I feel confident that Baalke and Harbaugh will target players in the draft and trade up if they have to get him, maybe Malcolm Floyd. The Patriots are patient, they donot overpay except for Qb and Baalke is making the 49ers resemble the pats.
Fleener @ 30... Then best available wideout in 2nd rd!!!!!
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Originally posted by NYCNINER:
Fleener @ 30... Then best available wideout in 2nd rd!!!!!
mcnutt, unless ginn does not resign, then you need to find someone who can return kicks and who can catch the ball
If last year's experiment worked...(waiting to get some players that the rest of the team don't want) or relying on draft, I hope this year work as well...keeping my fingers cross...( how long took to crabs to show some progression ? ) we have a tougher schedule this year,I think we need to get some names...just my toughts...
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Trade Willis for Megatron

No chance in hell Detroit would make that trade.
Not an issue. We probably won't get one of the guys who are bigger names like Lloyd or Manningham (personally, I've always been very high on Manningham and think he would be a great fit), but it's not because of Moss or Smith or anything else from the OP.

It's because we won't overpay. If the market dries up and one of those guys is still around (like Rodgers last year), we will get one if the fit is there.

Moss isn't a 1 or even a 2 at this point. He's an experiment. You hope to get a few big plays out of him a game and/or have him be a field stretching decoy often enough to matter. Anything more is a huge bonus. But he is a long way removed from demanding 100 looks a year and preventing another WR from coming here because he will demand targets.
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I agree that the Niners are going about it in a similar way to the Patriots in that they are not targeting and overpaying for superstars, but building depth throughout the roster by drafting well and getting bargain free agents. Now that the flurry of stupid money has been spent in the first wave of free agency, of the WR's who are left, I would like to see them get Doucet. I think Manningham may be hoping that someone is still willing to overpay based on his Super Bowl heroics and I have no interest in bringing Lloyd back. If Doucet ends up going elsewhere, I would be more likely to go with Burress before Lloyd for a one year deal. Draft a couple of WR's this year and hopefully with a year under their belt, at least one will be ready to step in when Moss and Burress move on.
The idea that Mario Manningham, the #3 receiver on the Giants last season, would come here looking for #1 money shows how much the 49ers need WR help. As of now, it looks like the help will come from the draft as none of the receivers still out there are going to have the impact of drawing heat off Crabtree. For what we might have to pay for a Manningham, I would rather see the money given to other positions, such as OL/DL depth. Draft 2 or 3 WRs and coach them like mad. The "right" guy is not good enough to justify upsetting the salary structure now in place.

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Sign Ginn and Smith nowww!!!!!!!!! Draft a couple WR's and go ahead and extend Goldson and Bowman's contracts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
I really don't feel the right guy is, or has been out there. Every guy out there has question marks. I just think we are being smart and not over paying for someone who is not known as a true #1. Were looking to upgrade the position, not solidify it, because there is no one that fits that role.

My 2 cents.

Very nicely put. I believe this is exactly what the management is doing. We are not going to overpay anyone just to fill the position. Our diamond in the rough could be a draft away....or Wallace if they choose to give up their number one pick and take a proven wr.
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Royal is gone. I hoped to get him. I think Ginn is back. To be honest I think we're looking for a #2/3 with upside. I was down on Manningham for a while. However when you realize he's basically a role player with upside...why not? Given the options I'm still pining for Lloyd a bit. I'm not sure why. I think because Lloyd has the most potential stying power. i.e. when moss is gone Lloyd will still produce. I'm sold on him having grown as a player and a person and part of me is wondering if his woes here were more to do with the patheticness of the team and coaching he endured.

To me the real question at this point is, WHEN we sign a WR will that WR be good enough that we go a different direction at 30? This is the real question in my mind. There is also that wallace guy still out there??? We'll have to wait and see. I haven't looked but who's out there at guard this year? Would we pick that at 30?
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Originally posted by 49erRider:
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Trade Willis for Megatron

No chance in hell Detroit would make that trade.

id do it
anyone know if this is true....someone told me that if we make an offer to wallace, regardless if the steelers match the offer they get our 1st round pick??? supposedly its in the new collective bargaining agreement. if this is true then i see why no one has pursued him. I knew that if they did not match then they would get the pick but i didnt know that they get it no matter what
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