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Do you believe the 49er will sign a true #1 WR AND a high draft pick as #2 WR?

Do you believe the 49er will sign a true #1 WR AND a high draft pick as #2 WR?

Originally posted by English:
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Filter? I'm just saying that why can't Crabtree improve, as he has done each and every year in the NFL, if Alex can improve, which he has only slightly done in 7 years?

I'm not making any general statement of what Crabtree isn't doing because that requires coach's film and knowledge of the play...for the most part. Dude got nearly 900 yards. But the false thinking that "he's not fast enough" or "not consistent" is just throwing things up in the air. The exact same things were said about Morgan but the fact is, both have shown ability in the past. Both has shown speed to get past their DB's on the deep ball and after the catch. Fact is, both have not nearly gotten the number of opportunities as the "#1" over rated WR's we covet in the zone.

You just don't want to believe that there is a s**t load of room for improvement for Crabs and Morgan. Yes, the only thing you can say they can't do is that they can't grow taller. Other than that, the proof is in their increase in production every year they have been in the NFL, even in the worst coaching/QB conditions. Can't say the same for our QB.

No you cant. Trouble is, you cant say it about Morgan either.


look at alexs stats every year

every year he has been in nfl his qbr increaced
This thread has been interesting, but honestly, I have no idea what our guys, B&H, are thinking. My gut tells me that they know we had two receivers to finish the yr, VD and craps, oops, plus kyle. They have to be aware of the fact that somehow craps seemingly wants not to be here. If he did, I think we would see the same guy we saw in college, who looked like a world beater, not the guy who dogs it or rather, somehow doesn't make TCs. Whatever, Coach and GM know we have to have a #1 and right now we got a #3 or #4 WR. They either have to mail him elsewhere in a trade or keep him and acquire 2 guys who can be #1 and #2 WR. just how they do that i have no idea, but i am taken by the fact that JH has been very understanding with craps, but don't see that continuing into this yr. No #1 nor # 2 WR = no Super Bowl. They are planning on SB so i think that is the kiss of death for craps staying here. I think a trade with Pissburg for wallace and his hi $$ amt for craps would work out $$ wise for us, but not sure pssburg would do that if they can somehow keep wallace. I know they just restructured rottenburger;s contract. So....
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