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Who challenges us for the NFC West title this year

Who challenges us for the NFC West title this year

I voted for the Seahawks, but don't count out the Rams. They were hit big this year by the injury bug. I think they had something like 7 CBs on the IR list? I think they'll come back next year and be a decent opponent.
All three teams will challenge next year, 10-6 wins it for us next year, assuming we don't bring chilo back, and he doesn't get alex killed.
If the seahawks get a real QB they can beat teams. Their 3rd stringer Porter is their best but they don't see it which tells me something about carroll. All three teams are some agressive off season moves from being winners so I'll reserve opinion until the off season is done.
Arizona. That D is going to be really good this year. Once they started understanding the 3-4 last year they were very impressive. They could be like us. Strong D/ST, meh offense
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Seahawks are a QB away from being a really good team. They're definitely my second favorite team to watch in the NFC West.
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Rumor has it, the Hawks are going all in on Manning if the Colts release him.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Should be a good race for the division title. We will more than likely take a step back, and I expect either the Cards or Seahawks to take a step forward. Seattle is putting together a really nice young offensive line, and could be a tough competitor in 2012. If Peyton lands in Arizona, I think they are favored to win the division.

Harbaugh owns Peety.
Originally posted by ImaMod:

its gotta be the only team in our division that beat us last year with a back up QB. they are more complete than most give them credit for...

SEA is going to be good. They are only a QB away.
All 3 teams will challenge the Niners. Not one of them is a challenge though.
I rank them in this regard:

1) Cardinals
- Finished season 7-2, including a win against us
- Will have a full offseason for Kolb to get used to system. We talk about Alex getting better w/same OC, have to say same about Kolb in this situation
- If they bring Campbell back, they will have a pretty solid DL, paired with strong ILBs and secondary, their only weakness will be OLB.
- Horton will be back to coach up the defense and keep them on the Steeler formula
- Larry Fitzgerald...enough said

2) Seahawks
- Very stout defense. Not much weakness with their lottery winnings of Sherman and Browner. Even with questions @ LB, their defense will be nasty.
- Tom Cable is still coaching an OL with multiple 1st/2nd rounders, and he's been able to get effort out of 6th/7th rounders in previous jobs.
- OL will get healthier, making their run game even stronger.
- Sindey Rice should get healthy, giving a killer threat @ WR

3) Rams
- New HC/OC/DC, always difficult (we were an exception)
- Their front 7 is getting better and better every year. Laurenaitis is highly underrated and commands the defense. In dire need of CBs, but could be fixed this FA period.
- Sam Bradford is a good QB and SJax is a top 7 RB. Fix the OL and this offense could be dangerous.
- Jeff Fisher is a damn good coach

If we can keep our team together, I dont see why we can't repeat, but the Cards have just as much momentum as we do and Seattle is slowly becoming our rival, especially with the Harbaugh/Carroll rivalry pushing it even more...damn the NFC West is gonna be NASTY!!!!!!
Originally posted by ImaMod:

That's right!
Seahawks are the most complete team out of those three. If they can land a legit QB, they will be a serious threat.
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