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Kaepernick believes he can seriously challenge for starting job this year

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Copied from ESPN Insider regarding an interview with the Reno Gazette Journal...

After a one-year internship working under Alex Smith in the Jim Harbaugh-Greg Roman school of offensive football -- and with a full offseason ahead, thanks to the lack of a lockout this year -- rising second-year pro Colin Kaepernick feels that he is ready to mount a serious challenge for the San Francisco 49ers' starting quarterback job.

In an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, Kaepernick responded to a reader-submitted question as to his aims for the 2012 campaign. "I plan on being in San Francisco and plan on trying to take the starting job," Kaepernick responded. "That's what your goal is as a football player."

He also added that he believes he'll get "a fair shot" at wrangling the starting job away from Smith -- who, as we know, is unsigned, but expected back. With a full spring and summer of working with Harbaugh, Roman and the rest, this could be quite a battle in training camp.|topnews|text|Sports

Good to see the kid is fired up about his opportunity. Anybody else think he has a realistic shot to claim the job?
Montana and Steve young Fued Incoming!!!
i think he has a realistic shot, harbaugh will play the better man at qb
I don't think he'll be ready to start until next year.
Time will tell. drafted a guy gave him a a year on the bench. Time to see if he's got it. Seems like he had a fair chance early last year but just looked shell shocked once he got in the game. So hopefully a year of learning has settled him down. Personally I'm skeptical of his throwing motion but I'm intrigued to see what he can bring,
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shocking news!
s**t just got real.
Of course he does. I wouldn't want him here if he didn't think that.

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i wonder what the Lord-God-King has to say about this?
Harbaugh's banking on it.
You want a guy like CK to push Alex and Tolzien pushes CK too with the full offseason it will be much more of an open competition than last year.

I still think Alex wins the gig, but CK will probably get more playing time because we will have a better O and he needs the reps.

It's not a bad thing to have depth at QB look at the Colts. And you never know if Alex is going to get hurt.
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Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
i think he has a realistic shot, harbaugh will play the better man at qb

can we please wait untill camp opens up before we anoint a person who has thrown five regular season passes as our savior. It is so funny that so many people hate alex so much they are perfectly ok with handing the keys over to this kid. It is actually sad but whatever
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