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Aldon Smith got a dui doe

Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by spizzy:
Its the pro bowls fault! If he would have been voted in, this would never have happened!

I blame Kyle Williams for making him drink to numb the pain.

Hahaha this.
Seems i was 10 min late on the other DUI post feel free to merge.
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what should we do
Braylon was arrested for DUI in NYC 2 years ago.
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Oh noes. Cut him. Nao.

Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
Braylon was arrested for DUI in NYC 2 years ago.

who is this "Braylon" guy????
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Originally posted by RKab:
Not a Nolan guy.

But an Erickson guy
Lets just hope he doesn't miss a games this coming up season
Originally posted by schmons:
Originally posted by 49ersOnMINE:
If he's gone do something stupid, I'd rather have him get caught up for DUI without anyone getting hurt, rather than firing a hand gun or getting caught up with drugs.

in maimi, im surprised he didnt have any coke on him

Hey let's be glad he didn't pull a Donte Stallworth

damn u
If I had a dollar for everytime I should have gotten a DUI when I was young but didn't, I'd have about 37 dollars.
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Fire that n***a Jim fire that n***a
Kyle Williams was the designated driver but fumled the keys
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