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We love naming catches( I, II, III ) do we name the fumble?

knee breaker
Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
++2 Without the #6 trophy to go with it will be a highlight throw and catch for Niner fans, and fade out of memory in time..just like Ownes catch..

As well it should, along with version II...and hopefully this "catch" baloney.
The Kneel Arm not- so- strong
Free Ticket To Indy

The Giant Give Away
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It should be the "Fumble II". Rogers Craigs' fumble in the NFC championship (also against the Giants) is the "Fumble."
Roger Craig 2 and 3
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Free Ticket To Indy

The Giant Give Away

Not sure how it was a free ticket to Indy. It was nothing compared to Craig's fumble. Our offense hadn't done a thing with the previous 4-5 prime opportunities to put the game away. Why would we have magically scored on that last possession?
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Originally posted by JimA49ers:

the knee lol

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The Williamsgate scandal
the full retard game
they pulled a kw
We don't. You got to have amnesia with bad plays and move forward. Positivity is key. We need to focus on what we did well and do it better. Kyle Williams will never forget those mistakes. Ever. We don't need to remind him or ourselves. Winners pick themselves up, dust themselves off and go get after it. This team is back to being a winner and as much as we were all upset by the miscues that cost the team a shot dwelling on it won't make it better.
Did they name the fumble by Craig?
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