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While it is fresh in your head, give me your really short list of off season wishes

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And why hasn't this happened??????

You know it pisses me off to no end that a franchise synonymous with elite QBs and WRs is now the laughing stock of the league. It cringes hearing other team fanbases (or general fans) talking s**t about Alex and our crew. Alex I think we can deal with for now, but the receivers gotta get better so Alex can become the Troy Aikman he is supposed to be, haha.

What is Jerry doing nowadays anyways? Get him off ESPN. Put him to work. What's great about Jerry and unique compared to most other GOATs/HOF talent is that he knows EXACTLY why he is good. He's not one of those talented guys that were just blessed....he knows the craft better than anyone else.

F*** bring in my favorite receiver of all time, #82. I know he likes to drive trucks, but this has to be better.

As been said probably a million times on this board, great players do not always make great coaches.

See: Mike Singletary.

That's not a good comparison.

We're talking about Rice here, not Randy Moss, TO, Ochocinco, etc. A receiver who wasn't very fast, particularly strong, but has all receiving records.

Why? You know why.
Most of the moves mentioned so far in this thread seem like common sense to me...

I would like to remind everyone, however, that the LB depth on this team is extremely thin, especially if Brooks and/or Grant walk in free agency. Both should be considered high priority signings....Brooks in particular since he is a starter and there isn't anyone behind him to step in. Grant was a terrific replacement at ILB and again, there really isn't anyone else on the roster that could step in for either Bowman or Willis if one of them go down. Just saying. This is an area that needs serious attention in the off-season....
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Colston is intriguing because he plays in a similar offense as the 49ers

Really cause i thought the saints were pass happy putting up explosive #'s
and the 49ers are a pound the rock to set up the pass offense.

maybe im trippin
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