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The Blame Game

He was up...the play was ruled dead because of forward was the right call.

The rule isn't great, but the refs made the right call in the constraints of the rule.
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
yup thats a dumb goodell "protect the players" rule

Unreal. That was a fumble. And we go up to win if not for that stupid whistle...
yes i thought for sure at the two min warning they would call a fumble and we would run out the clock and win the game but o well. lets just win this nfc west next year and try and make it back here again. great season dudes!! far exceeded my expectations
No I think the call was correct his forward progress was stopped.
Originally posted by merm49:
Originally posted by Husker49er:
Thissssssssssss. Run the ball on first down instead of Alex throwing it in the dirt after a rollout over and over again.

Everyone on the niners side of the bar was saying the same thing. Me, my friend, and two other dudes we met there in particular.

Utterly inexplicable. They could not stop Gore, or Hunter for that matter. We run the ball in the 4th quarter and we win the game. This is after Williams first f**king fumble. We still win the game if we run the ball. IN addition, why the f**k was Dixon in there? I can maybe understand the 2nd down carry. But 2 in a row. Unless is comes out that Gore was injured sometime in the 2nd half, the decision to put the game on Alex when Gore was getting at least 4 YPC each time is inexcusable.

I am never going to forget this loss. It's setting in now. We should be playing in this game. I don't think there's ever been a team more undeserving of getting a SB berth than this Giants team. I could have accepted a loss much more easily had Eli led the Giants down for a decisive score, even after the 1st Williams fumble because we had several opportunities to win. But in OT it was obvious that we were the better team.

I feel so bad, especially for the entire D and Vernon Davis and Frank Gore. They deserved this. They played their hearts out. They should be in the SB. And Williams cost them their shot, along with the idiotic 4th quarter play calling. We had a great FG drive mixing up the plays. We had tons of time and all 3 TOs on the rest of our possessions, yet went pass and ran only out of the shotgun on unmakeable distances.

I don't think I'm ever going to get over this one...and I don't feel like we'll have a better opportunity to return to the SB for a long, long time. Our division is getting better, quickly. The NFC south is strong. The East always has several teams in contention. The North has the Packers and Lions. The start aligned for a remarkable, special SB run. And we gave it all away.

Didn't like the call but this wasn't a game where the refs robbed us. We had plenty of chances to win before and afterwards and still blew it
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Yes they do, where the fugg was the screen passes and our bread and butter run plays at??? The score was close, running the ball would've made sense.....dammit Roman!!!!
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
dunno WHY we used Dix on 2 straight plays (esp on 3rd & 1) on a critical drive late...keeping that drive alive and @ least getting 3 pts might've iced it....

I'm in total agreement on this point!!! Dixon never sees the field for a reason, he's not that good. Why in gods name do you put him in there? I'd rather run Frank, Hunter of the FB before Dixon.

Lots of blame to go around but you know what, we still were in this game into OT!

All the small and big things seemed not to go our way today and we were still hanging tough. Showed me something about our guys.

Coachs and players all need to get better but I love how the improved this year and see only great things for us going forward!
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Originally posted by 12b6demurrer:
He was up...the play was ruled dead because of forward was the right call.

The rule isn't great, but the refs made the right call in the constraints of the rule.

I can guarantee you if that had happened to us, it would have been ruled a fumble. we've not gotten a lot of breaks with the refs lately.
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No brainer call for the refs, ahmad had been stopped and was being pulled backwards. Play is ruled dead as soon as he stops moving forward.

He was hardly being pulled back. It was literally probably a second, and you see far worse cases of guys holding up runners allowed to continue without whistle. Bradshaw was falling to the ground and got ripped. Should have been a fumble.

Completely ridiculous call, but what would you expect from a Hochuli crew?
Cmon guys. The fact of the matter is the Niners have been standing players up all season and stripping them. I love it, but you can't make a living that way.

I for one don't want to see the NFL turn totally into the type of league that encourages that, and nobody tested this boundary in 2011 more than the Niners.

It was bound for quick forward progress whistles to be called against the Niner D at some point
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jonathan goodwin
@jgoody59 I will forever hate the words forward progress. Night tweeps
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We lost the game. The offense simply didn't produce.
Originally posted by Janitor:
We lost the game. The offense simply didn't produce.

We got beat on all three phases of the game, but the Defense played the best of the three. Special teams (mainly return team's t/o) and Offense were a let down today.
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