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Congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers

Didn't Williams have three fumbles today? I thought that first fumble on the reverse was him also. He also had that retarded diving catch on a punt which could have easily been fumble #4.
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A cleverely disguised Kyle Williams bash thread. Nice.

real nice
This loss is totally on Williams. His stupid mistakes gave the Giants 10 easy points and the victory. Refs stole one from us (as usual) with that criminally bad fumble call, but our offense would probably only have picked up 3 on that anyway. Kyle cost us 10. I'll never see his number and not think of that. He was one of my favorite up-and-coming players before. Now I want him gone.
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I blame the BS Forward Progress call.



Horrid way to end a magical season. Thank You 49ers !!!
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Originally posted by MILFS:
stfu we lost.

this. We could have won if not for two gaffes by the same player.
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Proud of what our team accomplished. 49ersfaithfull POR VIDA!!!

- 98

A big congrats to our Niners!!! Nobody expected us to be in the NFC title game this season, this has been an incredible accomplishment. We'll bounce back from this, work hard in the offseason, and kick a$$ again next year! Those of you fans that are b***hin and moaning need to change your panties and quit being little pu$$ies. Show some appreciation for what our team accomplished. If you can't, get the fu-- out of here, WE DON'T NEED FANS LIKE YOU!!!
Suck it in guys, cause we're never going back. -This is the loss that destroys underachieving teams like us for years.
It wasn't the fact that we lost that hurts me so much as the way that we lost.
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Suck it in guys, cause we're never going back. -This is the loss that destroys underachieving teams like us for years.

I agree, but didn't you already post this?

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Exactly. This was Harbaugh's only chance to get a ring. Everything was in place.

Pathetic troll and not particularly skilled either. I am surprised he hasn't mentioned moving to la yet
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Mike Sando says it the best: "This game will haunt the 49ers for years. How many times will San Francisco get to play a 9-7 team at home for a berth in the Super Bowl?:

Essentially, we're screwed. We aren't going to be this successful next year. Damn Kyle Williams, it would have been better if we had nobody back there...what a f**king moron idiot piece of s**t. I honestly hope he dies. Sorry, but I do.

As much as im not liking kyle right now some of yall are sorry ass fans!!!!! Great Game and Great Season.

Im so proud of this team. So very proud
everybody is included on this EXCEPT FOR KYLE WILLIAMS

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Thank you for making this season memorable.

I'm looking forward to next year!!!

Go 49ers!!!!

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