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Value of playmaking receivers...

Ochocinco was up for trade. Yet no interest from the niners. Their failure to have good reciever was glaring in this game. But what lost the game was Williams mistakes. Feel sorry for him. I think the Giant fans and team should send him gifts. Most desired gifts wanted by Williams, bullet proof vest, first class ticket out of the country, a secret hideaway and a gift certificate for a plastic surgeon and Harry potters invisible cloak. Just kidding at least we 49er fans know we were the better team today.
f**k kyle williams...
Damn right its his fault both times. He didn't feel the ball touch his knee the first time? He cant just fair catch or drop down with what the giants gave him? f**k you, I hope you get cut.
should have kept Braylon, totally f**ked us today
ill take this
Our first rounder should be a WR, and a big one with good hands
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
CUT that idiot running back the third stringer. forget his name he sucks so much , he is overweight fat POS who couldnt get a yard on 3rd and 1 too, cut HIM cut kyle williams and F it cut ginn and try to find another returner cause ginn injury prone

Really wish mods would quit locking the Kyle Williams threads. Dude deserves to be roasted.
Right now I am as pissed off at Crabtree as I am at Williams. Where the f*ck was he all day? He couldn't get open on even 1 god damn play. At this rate I don't even think he's a 2nd receiver. We have to load up on playmakers on offense. We can blame the loss on Williams all offseason but bottom line is we couldn't move the chains in 4th quarter and overtime.

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Originally posted by 49ersFan831:
Trade Crabtree our 1st and 2nd round pick to move up to draft Justin Blackmon, and persuade Larry Fitzgerald to come here and our WR problem should be fixed...

It would take a lot more than that to move up for Blackmon.

Luckily, this year's draft is very deep in WRs, so we should be fine staying pat and letting a good one fall into our laps. Not a huge fan of the free agency market beyond Vincent Jackson, but if for some reason we can land Dwyane Bowe or Stevie Johnson on the super cheap i wouldn't be opposed. Didn't really like Morgan that much, talked way too much trash in game for my liking, so I don't care if we sign him or not.
Please get kyle williams off this team. And Draft ERIC PAGE
Originally posted by Canadian49er:
Originally posted by Youngb:
Or getting a healthy Josh Morgan back. Losing him was as early as we did sucked.

Our supposed number one receiver (Crabtree) can't even make plays consistently

Not a number #1 receiver, He is just paid like one.
I was thinking WR in the draft was going to be a priority - NOW, I'll be Jed York himself demands a WR in FA AND the draft!!
Watching Victor Cruz that's what I'd really like us to bring in.

Kendall Wright
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