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Where were you 30 years ago on january10th?

praying not to get shot into a napkin
In mommas womb lol. I was born 6 months later.
Two years old, oblivious to the game being watched in the living room with my father at our home in Twin Peaks.

We moved to NYC a few years later, but I experience enough of the 49er magic to forever be a 49er fan.
I played in that game. I threw the ball to Clark for the game winning TD. In my dreams. I was born 7 1/2 years later
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I was about to turn 1. (Born Jan. 11, 1981)

In San Jo watching at my cousins house. 1 day before MY 8th birthday (1/11/74). The house erupted and made my then 2 year old cousin cry. One of my best memories because I remember the bad year before that. We drove home after the game and it took us 45 to get into the city and then 45 minutes to CROSS Mission St. and up Excelsior on our way home.
according to one of my professors, 30 years ago I "wasn't even a thought, wasn't even lust."
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3 years old

Swimming around in my dad's testicles.
I was 19 living in Pompano Beach. My bud wanted to do a little fishing and I told him the only way I was fishing through the game would be if he had a portable TV. I figured that would seal that conversation. Then I received a call from him saying that he had a portable TV . I watched the game on the Pompano pier drinking. He was fishing. I almost jumped off the pier when Clark caught that TD. Good times.
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2 years old s**tting and peeing my pants and i still think i was breast feeding in between

I was 18, at my girlfriends house with all her Cowboy loving family. I was not a 9er fan at the time but I hated Dallas so I wanted them to win. When the game was over I was the only won celebrating!!! I have been a 9er fan ever since.
in my dads balls
Two days before i was born my I will be 30 Thursday
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praying not to get shot into a napkin

hanging with jesus.
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