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Where were you 30 years ago on january10th?

still unconceived by the...
I was 7, watching it with my dad and two younger brothers. They weren't that into it, but the last drive was so exciting. My dad had kinda given up, because he had seen the Niners struggle so much before that year. I kept yelling at him to come back and watch, and he finally did. I will never forget how excited he got when Clark caught that ball. I was excited too, but his joy instilled something in me that I will have forever.
i was a lil fetis in my mothers stomach with my middle finger jus developing so i could tell the cowboys to f**k off... seriously i was born on july 27th 1982
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I was trying to remind a room full of screaming Niner fans that there was still 1:30 left in the game and it wasn't over. And, I was right. The game didn't end with that catch. It ended with a horse-collar touchdown saving tackle by Eric Wright and a fumble by Danny White. They almost came right back on us. Almost nobody seems to remember that.
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i was in my dads nut sack chillen,, but i was still a niner fan !!
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19 years old, almost 20. I was watching by myself and one friend. I was in the middle of moving and took a break to watch the game. I was trying to not drink too much so I wouldn't kill the rest of the day. Since we had killed the Cowboys early in the season I was confident I wouldn't sweat the game. The tight game early on made me nervous and I quickly went through the six pack (my friend didn't drink) I had allotted for drinking. There was a market that sold beer, wine and hard alcohol about 100 yards from my house. I went back and got another 6 pack and that was dust by the mid 3rd quarter. During a time out I said screw it and got a bottle of whiskey. Needless to say I was staggering drunk by the end of the game, and then started celebrating the victory. Lucky I had taken vacation for the week to move, I think I ended up with a two day hangover. From then on I drank the least watching blow out play-off games, when the 49ers struggled in the play-offs is when I drowned my nervousness and sorrows in a bottle. Let us hope it only takes me a six pack to get through the Saints game.
5th grade ... and celebrating with my dad and his uncles. I just remember being out in the back patio and suddenly beer started flying everywhere with screaming and jumping.
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Watching the game with my dad... One of the few times I saw my dad ecstatic about something.

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Me too, same thing. My dad was so stoked.

Same deal here.

A little over 3 years later, my parents conceived me..... gross
I was about to turn 1. (Born Jan. 11, 1981)
at the dentist
cciowa--great idea for a postive thread! Thanks!
I was at the Catch game sitting on the 30 yard line. I won two tickets on the radio for writing a 49er jingle. Then I was fortunate enough for a cameraman to get two closeups of myself on the original broadcast during the game.
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