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Where were you 30 years ago on january10th?

Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Watched the game with my girlfriend, who was trying to learn my interests, which is why she is now my wife! 30 wonderful years and counting!

I was over my girlfriend's house, and I remember her dad trying to explain the American Football to me. I was confused!! I saw the catch though!!
i was -1.5 years old
14 years old, Sonoma County H.S. freshman. I was at my buddy Doug's house laying on his living room floor watching the game with about 8-10 other friends.

They won Superbowl XVI when I was a frosh and Superbowl XIX when I was a senior
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I wasn't even a sperm.
9th grade.
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watchin' w/ my dad. I was a youngster and didn't really become a fan until the '84 season. On that day I was more interested in playing w/ duplo blocks than actually watching the game
This entire game will be rebroadcast by the NFL Network tomorrow night, January 10th, at 9:00pm Pacific time. Set your DVR's folks. For you youngsters, here's your chance to see some history. I saw this game again 2 or 3 years ago when the NFL network rebroadcast it. It's the original network footage from 1982. Started a thread as well to get the word out.
Originally posted by crabman82:
i was in baghdad while u were in your dads bag

Much respect; but that was awesome!! lol

My parents didn't even know each other then, lol.
First Niners-Dallas game I ever saw!
I was at home in Hawaii watching the game with my dad. It was the first 49er game I had ever watched. After "The Catch" happened my dad told me to watch this Montana guy because he was gonna be really good.Guess he knew what he was talking about. Been a fan ever since. Funny that my dad said that though cause he's a Raider
Candlestick Park, Section 29, Row 4, Seat 4. Best spectator sports memory of my life. We swarmed the field after the game and helped carry Ronnie Lott off the field on our shoulders.
I had been in SF less than a year--came after graduating from college--and I was a huge Dallas fan. I was devastated after that game--I walked around outside after the game and this city was electric---I have never seen it since quite like that---maybe after the Giants won the world series--or the first Super Bowl win. But I now I look fondly at that game because I have loved the Niners for almost 30 years ( all living in SF ) and I hate the Dallas Cowboys! )
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