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Eddie D a finalist for pro football hall of fame.

haley should have already been in by now
I thought Eddie D was already in the Hall of fame.
We technically cannot win an SB before the finalists are chosen but they are chosen the day before the big game, so we can help Eddie the most by making an appearance. :)
He was the architect of those great forty niner teams. Deserves to be there alongside other niner greats
eddie d and haley and craig.

f**k everyone else
I hope Eddie D gets in, way over due!
Originally posted by susweel:
He should be in already, come on voters get your head out your ass already.

yeah its about time
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Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
I wonder who he'll have intro for him.. Jerry? Joe? Steve? Denise D? LOL probably not that last one.

made me laugh
hes clearly not in yet because of the scandal that lost him the team. its safe to say the voters have been keeping him out because of that. hes one of the greatest and most successful owners in NFL history. hopefully the voters finally realize this and put him in.
Originally posted by HarryPeterson:
He was the architect of those great forty niner teams. Deserves to be there alongside other niner greats

the architect was Bill Walsh. DeBartolo paid for the groceries Walsh ordered.

Eddie D definitely was a great combo of hands on, but also leaving the football minds alone to do their job.

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What a great year this would be...

49ers SB Champions 2012
Mr D makes the HOF
Roger Craig makes the HOF
Charles (psycho man) makes the HOF
Maybe 2012 is the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar??? lol
Seriously, I think he'll get it this year. Regardless of the 9ers out come, he will get there because theres more press about his tenure. I have a good feeling this is the year.
Hope he gets in but theres still a lot haters.
I like Steve Young doing the intro. After seeing the Eddie DeBartolo "A Football Life", I wouldn't mind Freddie Solomon's widow. Or even Dr. Harry Edwards. This could be a great year for 49ers past and present.
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