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How do you remember Charlie Garner?

i actually had his jersey
Loved watching him play. He was just ok with Philly and then blew up when he was with us and continued to play very well in Oakland. He was so close to being in the 1000 yard rushing 1000 yard receiving club the year they went to the superbowl.

i remember garner has hearst replacement when hearst got injured. i wish we could have kept both
Charlie Garner absolutely saved our a** in the running game while he was here, because Hearst was trying to get back from the ankle injury. Quick and small, but play big. In terms of FA pickup, he was a stud.
Originally posted by Paul:
Gore is considered the best we've had.... Hearst from what I remember could have been a top 5 back if it wasn't for his injuries (I loved watching him play). Rarely do I hear Garner being mentioned on here. He came in after the big injury to Hearst, and had 2 very productive years for us when we went 4-12 then 6-10 (1100 and 1200 yd seasons). How do you remember his 2 yrs for us, and why didn't we make much of an effort to resign him?

Said it before, but Garner was my favorite RB to suit up as a 49er. Can't explain exactly why that is... just is. I loved his speed, hands, vision, and quick cuts. Garner was a force for us and just fits the type of RB I prefer. Also very fond of Hearst, Gore, Watters, etc. so no insult intended to them whatsoever.
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Garner was a wonderful replacement for Hearst. I always feel his worth was overlooked but I personally believe that Hearst was probably the best 9er back ever. Sure numbers state differently but Hearst was such a fantastic player.
Charlie G ...He was a dangerous RB ..our offense was decent when we had him, I'm sure those Garcia/Garner teams could have won more games if we had a better defense, because scoring points wasnt really a problem for our offense at that time
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I remember him early in his career as an Eagle gashing us in that 40-8 home debacle in 1994.

Ugh! I remember that game, too. I considered that game to be the watershed moment for the 49ers that season. That was when Seifert benched Steve Young, and Young got pissed and took it out on the rest of the NFL, which led to our last Super Bowl win. The 49ers defense just could not stop Garner that day.

I liked Garner when he played for us. He seemed to be a perfect WCO running back. He was an excellent receiver out of the backfield, a decent pass blocker, and he could run the ball when needed.

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Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
I remember him early in his career as an Eagle gashing us in that 40-8 home debacle in 1994.


wow we really got our asses handed to us that day ..Young got pulled from the game and everyone was giving up on us after that game served as a wake up call for us....I was thinking the Ravens game would have been our wake up call, but the Cardinals game showed we need to fix a few things before the playoffs
The one-two-punch of Gore-Hunter kind of reminds me of Hearst-Garner.

Garner could squeeze through holes like Hunter does and follow his blocks very well. Pretty good receiver.

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Originally posted by StOnEy333:
No effort was made to resign him because Garrison was coming back from injury. Garner was good, but we didn't need a back of his caliber with Garrison back.

Hearst was coming back from an injury no one thought he could. The Niners wanted to sign Charlie but he went for bigger money. There was no guarantee Hearst could even play.

I think G Hearst won comeback POY that year...
Garner was awsome. Had his two best years in the NFL with us. Pro Bowler in 2000. He was unstoppable for a smallish back, great hands too. He was one of the only bright spots on the team back then, we weren't very good. He wanted big money and we let him go.


Good player. Daz about it.
I loved Garner. I a remember a play against the Raiders or Broncos (I can't remember which) where Charlie had a huge hole but Bill Romanowski ran up to fill. Charlie just made this little move with his head and Romo fell down. Didn't even touch Charlie. LOL.

He was a VERY underrated player.
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