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2011 NFC WEST CHAMPS!!!!!!

they updated us winning the west on WIKIPEDIA already!!!!
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@AdamSchefter: Congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers, who clinched the NFC West title on Dec. 4.
Originally posted by verb1der:
my friend said "winning the NFC West is basically like being on top of a garbage can."

As a division right now the NFC West has more wins than the NFC East
finally no more: you like the 49ers? they suck

who suck now huh! '

dont even think about joining our bandwagon because we are winning.

go stick to the packerswagon you FAKE!
Originally posted by lssanjose:
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:

I remember some time ago, one of Pacells's players provided a primer on the gatorade dump. Staley had it all wrong: the bin needed to be straight down!

That gatorade has some power. Look, it took Harbaugh's head right off!
Still buzzing!!

Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
As a division right now the NFC West has more wins than the NFC East

Wow. That really says something doesn't it?

I'm just hoping we get those Dallas Cowgirls back in the Stick for a return match in the playoffs. Payback are a rhymes-with-witch.

Congrats to the team, the front office (yeah, ya gotta give them some love too), but most of all to JIM HARBAUGH who has shown what a legitimate coach can do with pretty much the same personnel. It ain't the ingredients as much as it is the chef that prepares them.

WE'RE BACK! RETURN OF THE GOLD RUSH! Now let's finish strong, stay healthy and make some noise in the playoffs!
It's a celebration b***hez!!!!

Hell yeah baby!!! Its been a long road to get back to where this team belongs every year, Playoffs and Championships!!!!!!!!!!!
Feels f*ckin goood! Go 49ers!
is there a way to skip the remaining season and move on to the playoff?
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!!!! Haha.

On a seriously note, VERY proud of this organization and team from top to bottom and a very strong shout-out to all the FANS who have suffered (on this board) for the all these years and have stuck with it; as it turned out, many in NinerTalk WERE right on so many perspectives, even over the so-called experts. Its refreshing to see a FO and coaching staff who FINALLY "get it" and as fans, we can finally take a deep breathe and enjoy this ride. We truly were the FAITHFUL!
From CBS - Clark Judge:

"It's time the NFL addresses the competitive disadvantage of teams making cross-country trips on short weeks. In the last 15 years there have been 13 instances where clubs that played Sunday traveled 1,500 miles or more for a Thursday night game. All 13 lost. That's not a coincidence. It's a trend. This year that group includes San Francisco, the Jets and Philadelphia, and enough's enough. Level the playing field and stop this stupid practice."

There was special reason for that Ravens game (Harbowl) but anybody else really still feel bad about that Ravens game?
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