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Tell me you're not happy with 9-2

Originally posted by SofaKing:
I'm ecstatic to be standing 9-2. I'm not happy right at this moment, would rather be 10-1, but this is still a good team. It's not like we got blown out people. It's not a coincidence we had our worst performance of the year the same week where we became the 1st team in NFL history to travel cross country and play a game on a short week.

The cards were stacked against us today. I thought the team fought hard and came to play...well, everybody but the o-line. The Ravens are a very good team. We lost to them on the road, on a short week. They are undefeated at home. Flacco has won 17 of his last 18 at home or something like that. Nothing to be ashamed of IMO.....except the o-line


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Oh I'm very happy with 9-2. Not in a good mood right now but I always keep things in perspective.
Where not some powerhouse college football team that just ended the season 9-2 and won't get a shot at the national championship game. we'll improve over the long week n half of practice(trust me), we are the only few teams out there in the league that take it game by game. plus i told everyone the Ravens allways win big games for some reason, never slept on them cause the've lost to scrubs in the past.

also i believe the ravens are one of the best teams in the league and i thought our defense shut them down all game??
I am happy with 9-2---what worries me is the offense has not gotten any better since the Tampa game---it may have gone downhill a little bit. I would still like to see Hunter split time with Gore/ Play Miller more/ even Dixon here and there. If Gore is really playing well--keep him in--but if he is having one of those games--don't hesitate to mix things up. Crabs has been playing well---Kyle Williams i think can help---Edwards needs to get healthy--for whatever reason he seems limited. This offense is desperate for another good WR---that could keep us from going far in the playoffs. On defense I would like to see more pressure on the QB--aldon smith hasn't played as well as earlier in the season---rookie wall? Need to mix it up on the pass rush some more.

I still think the Niners go 12-4 or 13-3 and get a bye---that bye i think will be enough to get us to Green Bay and the NFC title game. But we have to fix some issues to have a chance in that game.
Ecstatic with 9-2 at this point when many thought we'd be closer to 2-9.
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What's funny? Everything there was a fact... Kwame>Rachal...f**k it, they both suck major ass.

It's gone now, but earlier it said that Chili was currently looking for work as a circus turnstyle.
No Offseason!! Rookie Head Coach! Alex Smith! Yeah I'll take 9-2... Could have been 2-9 just as easily.
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Originally posted by ace8016:
I am not happy with 9-2. We lost to a team I will not mention in words ever and we let Flacco look like brady. I can't stand watching stuff like that. I am a die hard and I am truly ticked right now!

Flacco looked like Brady? His numbers were better than Alex by 1 TD. That was it. Yards were virtually the same as was attempts and completions.

Dude, Brady sucks now
not happy with a league that works behind the scenes to change the outcome of games. the niners arent supposed to win any games this and the NFL has done everything in their power to torpedo and sabotage our success at every chace they get. it's not tin foil hat its blatantly obvious. What is exciting is that we have been winning in spite of all of this. but after we win the Super Bowl this season I think I will be looking at spending less money on this snake oil business. NFL turning into a "Quiz Show" spectacle.

Raiders coach spoke about the elephant in the room recently.
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I'm happy with 9-2 but I'm not happy with Chilo Rachal

Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
I'm happy with 9-2 but I'm not happy with Chilo Rachal

Amen, Reverend!
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How long is Snyder out for?

I'm not happy we lost, and I hate that I have to hear the bull crap that the Niners aren't legit blah blah crap.
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Happy with team record yes. Sad cause I live in Maryland and will hear it all year long.
I am happy. we are 9-2. That game was a disaster last night though. THe ravens absolutely mauled us. WE played very very well though. To be honest, being at the game last night it was a great game by alex. Three plays and that game could have bene different. 1. Tedd Ginn TD. Definately a penalty but one that might not have been called. Chilo should have kept his hands off the defender. 2. Terrell Browns PI. Also definately a penalty. That was like the BEST officiating at the WRONG TIME for us. In real time nobody thought that was PI. I bet Brown get's away with that half the time doing it exactly the same way. 3. The pass to Edwards at the end of the half. I know Alex is being nice to Braylon saying he went outside and SMith read inside. Braylon is inches taller than the defender. regardless he's supposed to be a threat to break that route off and attack that ball high. He made no real effort for the ball. It was kind of a give up play on him.

WE also got nailed by the dropsies again. VD missed a critical 1st down catch early and then Ginn late in the game. That one was sickening to watch live. The ravens are legit and they were determined after they blew it last week.

However I sit here in Baltimore this AM telling myself. ONly the steelers stand in the way of 14-2. THat is the truth. WE need to take these 10 days to rest up, refit, and get ready to fight out the rest of this season.
Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
No Offseason!! Rookie Head Coach! Alex Smith! Yeah I'll take 9-2... Could have been 2-9 just as easily.

Thanks! I needed that back to reality kick. I'm still bumming our o-line look so bad.
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