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Is David Akers the best kicker we ever had?

Is David Akers the best kicker we ever had?

Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Were you not glued to the ZONE when Manning was making his decision?

It was basically between SF and DEN with MIA being a dark horse. Did that information come out of thin air? Nope.

Its easier to believe we persued him because the facts are there.

Its hard to believe their was no legit pursuit. The only way to believe Harbaugh is if you blindly follow his lead. There are no facts to support his version except for his word.

that was media speculation... not once did manning say what teams he considered except the fact he was on 3 teams facilities (2 of them consistantly) in denver and titans the third team he visited was miami which he never visited again
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Originally posted by danimal:
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
This x2.

I learned since last year to take what JH says with a grain of salt. He's b******tting most of the time.

He is the coach for the right team, because Alex Smith fans LOVE b******t

Yeah JH paints bull s**t with a # 11 jersey and Smith fans wear it proudly.


i dont likealex smith so now since harbugh likes him all of his opinion or anything that comes out of his mouth is b******t
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I never saw his MRIs, nor examined him, but for Peyton to continue playing seems just way beyond the pale of acceptable risk. Obviously there are some docs who cleared him, but having been on both ends of the knife, and 13 spine surgeries, there is no way in heck I whould be playing if I were in his shoes( In medicine, when we see multiple surgeries, it usually means something didn't go well). Say he actually makes it a yr. Maybe two, or with amazing luck, three. Point is, his quality of life if he quit now would be substantially compromised, and altho i hope he doesn't get hurt, I wouldn't take the bet he makes it a yr. Five yrs down the road Peyton may very well think back to this decision and realize he made a huge mistake.

Forget him busting the salary cap and we lose our SB ready team. Forget him wanting control of Harbaugh's team. Medically, this is just an awful decision. I won't say criminal, but it is darn close from my standpoint. And some of you wanted Peyton to play here? Wow, that would have been an interesting exercise in holding your breath for every offensive down. When things don't look right, nor do they seem sensible...usually you are right....and peyton had no business playing here nor anywhere else.

Say what you want about who courted whom, who did what, when , etc. It still boils down to this was a terrible decision by Peyton, and i sure hope his own docs have truly given him informed consent. I would just have to imagine he didn't listen.
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In order to evaluate him they had to pursue his a$$ to where Peyton was throwing.
They tried to get him but failed. Now we roll with bunk a** Alex Smith for our Super Bowl run
You don't even go talk to Manning without expecting to pay him big$$. There is no need to even evaluate him after seeing him piss and moan about a contract prior to a season he didn't even play in due to injury, if you aren't prepared to pay the man.

The team would have let Alex walk without a care knowing the guy they have pinned their future on is learning from one of the best all time, instead of one of the all time disappointments. Jim Harbaugh is not at all honest on this point, he is simply doing what he ALWAYS does, which is what he feels he needs to do to win. His comments are for Alex Smiths benefit only. There is not a shred of truth to it.
A.Smith signs the three year contract they offer in the first place, the niners don't get interest in manning. But nooo, smith has 1 strong year & now he deserves whateva contract he wants. Gtfoh!, as long as the contract is reasonable, sign it & go lead this team to its 6th ring(which ties us wit pitt) & his 1st(of many, knock in wood)
Harbaugh -- you stop lying -- stop lying right now! You lied! You don't want Smith in 2011 and you know you don't want Smith again in 2012. You stop lying to us! Stop your lies!

Waaahhh! Waahhhh! *sniff*. ... *sniff*....
I would also add in defense of harbaugh that out of Miami Tenn and Denver we all heard a contract offer but we never heard an offer from 49ers


My Arse!
They wanted him. Harbs made a fool out of himself with his comments
Harbaugh is a fool and a liar !!!!

remember: Alex-hate >>>>> Harbaugh-lovin'
Originally posted by oldman9er:
Harbaugh is a fool and a liar !!!!

remember: Alex-hate >>>>> Harbaugh-lovin'

Seeing the truth >>>>> Denial
Evaluated. Jim > Truth.
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