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Should Alex smith have his own touch down celebration like arran Rogers when he makes a touchdown tomorrow? would be cool if he did and what should it be??
Smith is too low key for that. He will never do it.
I know but dammm it would be cool if he did like saying ...yup that right Rogers this is my team..haha
who the f**k is arran rogers?
You know that chump from green do you spell it?..who
Too soon, and too far between passing TD's We would forget it before he threw the next td pass.
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he should do the (where's my peeps) christan
The white dougie

f**k the peoples champion.....its the stare in the end zone ...the point with two fingers?......idk.....this beer is going down good
Don't need one, I would rather be as low key and professional as possible... Let his game do the talking; and hopefully he will be the one making the final touchdown pass against Roger's packers to move to the next round... ...

One can only dream right now... But I want them to meet in the playoffs...
He should do the belt. F*** Aaron Rodgers.
awwww man that would be cool if he did would be hella pissed f**k it
f**k rodgers
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