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Do you think that Aldon Smith can be a 20 sack Guy.?

Do you think that Aldon Smith can be a 20 sack Guy.?

I truly believe this man could do it. He has gotten what, 2 2 sack games. I believe he would have had 5 sacks against the eagles if he weren't being held by the olineman the whole game. I look forward to see what Aldon can do against the struggling offensive line of the Skinned.

I believe that next year he will be completely dominant. Next year, I believe that he will get 20.
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who is that?
Yes I think that can be a 20 sack guy
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
who is that?

Moran Norris
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
who is that?

Moran Norris

Oh then no.

But Aldon may get 20 sacks in a few years. I will be happy when this kid breaks 12 as a rookie. Progress every year, he is definitely talented.
That can be!
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I hope so. We'll have to be up by a couple touchdowns going into the second half to give him a legit shot.
This year? No. If he keeps getting better, maybe in the future. When is the last time someone got 20 sacks in one season?
Aldon seems like the perfect speed rusher that was needed in a D that applied constant pressure yet lacked the sacks. So because he seems to be THAT guy in our system i could see it assuming he stays healthy.

these polls are getting ridiculous let the rookie get to 10 first k?
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we havent had 10 sacks by someone since what 2002 and we are already talking about 20 sacks. yikes. but i certainly hope he can.
Only 20? Skeptic!! Ban him!!! 500 sacks!!!!

For the record, it has only happened 7 times in the history of the NFL (and only one person under 26 has accomplished this feat),

Rank Player (age), + - HOFer, Bold - Active Sk Year Teams
1. Michael Strahan (30) 22.5 2001 NYG
2. Mark Gastineau (28) 22.0 1984 NYJ
3. Chris Doleman (28) 21.0 1989 MIN
Reggie White+ (26) 21.0 1987 PHI
5. Lawrence Taylor+ (27) 20.5 1986 NYG
6. Derrick Thomas+ (23) 20.0 1990 KAN
DeMarcus Ware (26) 20.0 2008 DAL

Shouldn't posters do a bit of research before asking questions like, "Will Frank Gore run for 2500 yards this year? or "Will Justin Smith make 200 tackes this seaon?"
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