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Why are we not using Vernon Davis?

Has it occured to anyone that Walker is getting more grabs because teams are trying to take Vernon away? I think this was especially true in the Lions game. When we had our recievers being legitimate threats in the Bucs game VD was a monster. If Edwards can get back and start to stretch the field then VD will get open more. We run alot of single wideout and two tight end sets. This collapses the coverage and makes it easier to get VD. Of course if he pushes up the field on a pass play then the underneath clears out for others. I'm not worrie about this at all. We are playing great TEAM football and the fantasy owners (myself included) can suck it if we are winning games while VD doesn't produce outrageous numbers. It's not like our offense is totally stagnant and we are losing and we are ignoring opportunities. We seem to be taking every opportunity and doing what a team should do and that's find the mismatch and exploit it.
VD would have been kept to block most of the time during the Lions game because of that front 4 and used as decoy to attract the D. Might be the same this coming game against the Browns. Unless we blow them away in the first half, then we should see more of VD in the 2nd.
He is being double teamed. He is a very good blocker. He is doing his job just fine. We are 5-1 with what the Niners are doing. So I dont see what the problem is. Must be Alex's fault like everything else is - not.
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when we're going up against stout defensive fronts, he needs to block. It's part of the nature of the TE position, not to mention he's a good blocker. Not every team has D-lines like the cowboys or the Lions, so I expect him to be a target for Smith against the Brownies.

I understand against the Lions because they have a beastly line. So keeping an extra guy in probably kept Alex alive. But in some other games throwing to him 2 times or 3 times or even 5 is rediculous. We need to get him the ball 10 times. He's incredible explosive. It makes not sense not to use what he has.

He has been a part of every game except the last one since he complained. I think he had a TD in all of them to.
Originally posted by Shorteous:
Sounds like some fantasy football owners are upset

Yup - fantasy football is like a wet dream - once they wake up they realize its done.
We are 5-1 no complaints
I think we'll see more of him over the next few weeks. He wont be needed as an extra blocker against some of the teams we'll be facing.
He is leading our team in recieving yards, I would rather win than focus on developing him into a super star.
Fantasy football is the a game for Freddie P. Soft, in reality football wins are what you want more than anything else. That's the problem with a lot of fans these days fantasy football has guys rooting for players instead of teams. Back when I started watching football and there was no fantasy football people would root for wins and teams not stats and individual players.
hes probably double teamed and dont have another WR who can really take advantage of the one on one situations

i think it will all improve when braylon returns

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
VD is definitely the better receiver overall. But I wouldn't put him at FB. DW is less covered. A lot of attention goes to VD.

Absolutely right. Look at the touchdown Alex threw to Delanie against the Cowboys. Vernon virtually removed all inside backers and the deep safety for Delanie to jog in for the score. Credit Harbaugh and the scheme of the west coast offense to find an easy quick loft pass for Alex to execute. Perfect pass as well. We should all remeber that it's about the teams success not Vernon Davis' success. We're 5-1 due to the little intangibles Vernon does.
Because Harbaugh takes one sniff of the breeze and determines that the opponent will be game planning around stopping VD, so he uses him as a distraction and spreads the ball around to players the defense is less focused on limiting.
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Originally posted by GOLD22VEINS:
Our offense is fine. Why fix something that's not broken. You're questioning a coach who is 5-1. Maybe he's not getting touches because this is his role.

Like some others have said, it has everything to do with teams respecting Vernon and trying to take him out of the game. Alex isn't forcing the ball into coverage but rather taking what the defense gives him which sucks for Vernon's stats but is good for wins!
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Originally posted by RonMexico:
5-1, lol

but really, maybe he doesn't like the fact Vernon is so huge but plays like the Kevin Barlow of TEs when he has the ball in this hands

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