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How similar are the 49ers to the Ravens this year?

Originally posted by thedude:
Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

Should be a great game!
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we are better
Tonight's Ravens = 2008 49ers
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Tonight's Ravens = 2008 49ers

Hope they play us the way they are starting this game

"Godawful, I knew it!" @ both teams tonight...damn...
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ravens got no chance against us like a turkey on thanksgiving!
To be honest I watched these guys in preseason. Their recievers are not as good as advertised. They don't get the ball downfield well. Flacco is no better than Alex Smith. The Jaguars certainly seem to have them figured out.
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We have a better offense
hopefully not that similar
Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
Originally posted by Natewillis2252:
Very similar indeed but the Ravens have better WR than us and still Flacco cant get them the ball, I think if the Ravens cant get that portion of their offense together I think they could fall off as it makes them one denominational.

Boldin and Evans are not better than Edwards and Crabtree.

Morgan when he was healthy is as good as anyone on the ravens

I think the 49ers are good enough at this point in the season to play with most of the best teams. Not sure how this will play out as the season goes on. I don't think the the 49ers will win in the play-offs past the first round if our quarterback position is not a threat to those who game plan against us.
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Ravens are playing badly tonight but you best belive the Niners are gonna be in a game that looks very similar to this.

All that matters is if they win which they probably will.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving. I really hope we havent lost another game when that comes up.
We can stop their running game, so basically we just stopped their entire offense.

Now we just need to get at least 10 points on offense or special teams.
We're much better at the TE position.
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Question is this: In five years who do we more resemble John Harbaughs Ravens or Bill Washes 49ers? So far we play more like the Ravens, but that could change.
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