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Norris or Miller

Im sure coach can utilize Norris else where. Line him up in the TE for blocking assignments, in the O-line, have him in FB in goal-line situations. If coach can see Norris fitting else where in the offense then Im sure we'll see Norris pop in every now and then.
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and if we get rid of Norris, we become the youngest team in the league by 5 years...or so
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I can only imagine the guy will get better.

His transition is nothing short of miraculous.

He made us all look silly for questioning him.
The fact Norris is not a receiving threat and he doesn't participate as much as Miller does on Special Teams is the reason Norris will be replaced by Miller.
Norris is garbage. He doesn't bring anything to the team.

He is a warm body and Frank Gore's friend. Big deal.

For those who want Norris on short yardage ask yourself this. Is Norris better than Sopoaga or Boone or Snyder or Rachal at blocking? Because that is how we maul people...we bring in ALL of our heavy OL players and the versatile rugby playing Samoan NT.
I think Miller will get the nod. Having a full back that can catch passes is important. It gives the QB an extra dump off option. IF he could play special teams well then he would be kept around, but if not I think he will be the most expendable guy on the roster.
Norris is done. Miller has already outperformed him and -- guess what -- he's only going to get better and better because he's just a rookie. That alone should be a clear-cut indicator (along with Gore's sharp increase in production) that he should remain the starter at FB. Hands down.

seriously bro?
Miller, hands down.

Norris is a limited player. Always has been. Miller is much more of a classic fullback in a WCO...which is kinda funny when you consider he's never played the position before...LOL!!

Hats off to Baalke and Harbaugh for seeing that potential.
No more Moran Norris!!! The guy is as agile as a rock! Like some of the previous posters mentioned, Miller is more versatile and in the end, more valuable to our offensive.

Miller why change things when we are winning. And no to T.O.
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Miller is the fullback of the future. Morris stays on the roster for now.
Norris seems to be well thought of by teammates and coaches alike, but Miller has done nothing to warrant being yanked from the line-up. I think we hold on to Norris for the time being for insurance, but Miller is the future. I think Norris might be the first casualty if we end up with a depth problem at another positon.
Miller time.
Gore is very loyal to Norris but I can't see much that he can do better or as well as Miller. Very impressed with Miller's downfield blocking and receiving. The one advantage Norris may have is leading Gore through a hole but I'm not even sure he is better in this regard.
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