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Norris or Miller

They'll compete... and it'll be Miller who wins.
Norris will come in on short yardage downs and be that 6th or 7th offensive lineman, possibly.
Does it give the other team any concern when Norris goes in motion at LOS.... It's like watching a guy going down the highway on a moped. There's no way you can take that seriously.
Cut Norris
miller is way more versatile and he gets through his blocks and blocks further down field than norris can. and he can also be used as a receiver. morris is too stiff to do anything but block close to the line.
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i like the flashes of versatility that Miller has shown this season. he can only get better. when i think of Norris, all i can picture is his Where The Wild Things Are pose.

Miller is so much more versatile. He can block, catch, run, everything better than Norris. I think this is harbaughs way of letting Norris down easy. The offense is much more potent with miller in.

But i think that Norris should be used in short yardage situations, he's bigger and stronger
Originally posted by Natewillis2252:

But i think that Norris should be used in short yardage situations, he's bigger and stronger

we have sopoaga for that
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Originally posted by Norcal9erfan:
Originally posted by D_Niner:
Has Bruce Miller done enough to keep Norris on the bench? What's your oppinion?

Where is the poll to vote?

It's an opinion post not a poll (I'm not much a fan of using the poll option).
Originally posted by Whomeam:
i've figured it out guys. We're going to hang on to Norris until after tomorrow when we check out TO. Once we decide to sign TO, BOOM, we knock off Norris.

According to reports, the Niners are not represented at TO's workout.

This is all I need to know. Miller is an upgrade. Norris sucks
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
this! i''m real big on miller, i love the guy. he is solid. quicker and fast, better pass catcher. and younger. he is only going to get better. lets move on..norris is okay..just okay.. we will keep him in case miller get hurt, but miller is the choice. there isn't any a doubt about it.
just look at our run game it has been WAY better with miller in there, then with norris. sorry to say but norris is terrible, really slow and just to inconsistent.
I have thought for a few years now that Norris is nothing but a tip off to what we are doing when he is in the game. I don't see how his mediocre blocking is an asset to the team in comparison to Miller.

Norris will likely be kept through the end of the season if only cause his salary is guaranteed whether we cut him or not, but I think his days of starting are over.
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