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Media and the 49ers

It doesn't matter. Our schedule is much tougher. It wouldn't be surprising to lose more games. But we will see.
Hawks 2012 reminds me of 49ers 2010......................................
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
It doesn't matter. Our schedule is much tougher. It wouldn't be surprising to lose more games. But we will see.

If it doesn't kill us, I really think seeing 5 high powered offenses really will benefit us for the playoffs. We should be prepared for anything.
You don't need an advanced degree to make football picks. If they knew what they were doing (who does?) they would be in Vegas collecting after each winning pick.
Fine with me. Probably just the way Harbaugh wants it, too. Bulletin board material and motivation provided by the media on a weekly basis.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
How can these f**kwads be all over the Patriots jock with that defense and the fact that they didn't beat anyone with a winning record until Denver who were riding Jesus and the Ravens who by all intents and purposes should have lost to?

get the f**k outta here with that logic.
Originally posted by TheRatMan13:
They said we couldn't beat anyone last year.... Just sayin

...during the same time we were beating the s**t out of em, f these fools again.
Lost all credibility when Rosenthal wrote the Chiefs will have a better chance of reaching the SB than the 49ers.

I mean how can you even say that with a straight face?
Personally I'm hating on Goldson....

Iyaaa, I like going under the radar again if that's what some of this BS could add up to..You just know the HC will use this to get the boys up, extra high...
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Originally posted by FlayvaMeister:
One of my buddies in Helsinki, called me yesterday afternoon asking had I seen the Preseason Power Rankings.
No I replied, next to never read those type of articles. While I was having a bited to eat, I decided to check what
had him so Fired-Up. After reading Greg Rosenthal' blog, and knowing my friend, I can better understand why he
called me. I left Greg - not that he'll read it - a reply, which I'll share here:

" Mr. Rosenthal, I see what you did here ... the powers that be at ESPN, needed an article for the start of NFL
camps opening. Something controversial, something that would drive up the blogs hit-count. I'll bet they even
supplied you with cheerleaders at your side, as you banged out this DRIVEL at your computer:

" Greg, Greg, he's our Man, if he can't do it, No-one-Can". ESPN, the Entertainment Sport Program Network,
has a new name in my book. How's this sound? ESPN: Exceptionally S H I T T Y Prognosticating Nitwits! "

Rosenthal writes for

Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Hawks 2012 reminds me of 49ers 2010......................................

bad memories
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Originally posted by cciowa:
the media loves to build you up and they love to tear you down, unless you are the packers and the patriots of course

Bayless this morning said the Pats will go 18-1 and win the SB. He listed Joseph Addai as one of the weapons on the team to put them over the top. Several hours later the Pats released Addai.

f**k what they say. If these motherf**kers need us to prove to the world once AGAIN that we are for real, thats fine by me.

I know our boys are ready and will be looking to be even better than last year.
we're 8-3 against those teams listed, and some how we're a third tier team
Good, let them all talk s**t, it's what this team gets done on the field is the only thing that matters and should matter to any one of us
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