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Akers appreciation thread

What a f**kin beast!

Originally posted by verb1der:
What a f**kin beast!

boss hoggin'!
I loved me some Nedney, but Joe didnt have the leg Akers has.

Dude is a beast. Akers is clutch. Who would have thought he'd leave the team thought to be the best team in the league, and come to the team that is one of the best teams in the league.

I approve of this thread as well.
Akers has been kicking lights out. Maybe the best FA we got this year
He's one of the best kickers in the league and has been for years. He has a good shot to go to the probowl again. When's the last time we had a kicker (not punter) in the probowl?
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I like him better then Nedney.
Originally posted by susweel:
I like him better then Nedney.

I liked Nedney too. But Akers has been money.
Originally posted by susweel:
I like him better then Nedney.

Me too and I liked Nedney! He was our MVP during the Nowin years!

I thought Akers had lost it tbh...i wasn't sure what to expect but at the same time i knew what type of kicker he was before that last year in Philly so I hoped but at the same time kicker was not high on my priority list when thinking about this team before the season's really a bonus to have a guy who can hit like that from 50 plus...before this year as we all know it had been rough but I must say we have been blessed in the kicking go from Nedney to Akers...can't having Cortez out there..LOL..

Props to Andy Lee and the punt game as well...His importance to this team cannot be overstated!!...some people might look and say oh it's just a punter but this guy really gets us out of trouble in regards to field position..

yea Ackers is stepping it up.
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Has to be the all-pro/pro bowl kicker this year.
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Did I hear correctly that Akers set the single season record for FG's made with his 31st of the year today?

With 4 games to play still? LMAO
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