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Akers appreciation thread

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
C'mon man............ Andy Lee should be MVP.

I like Andy Lee a lot but I dont think he is even the MVP on our team let alone the NFL. Justin Smith I beleive is our team MVP.
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

yes...his awesomeness continues
i wish this was the Touch Down appreciation thread
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David Akers is a beast!
so what happened today?

is he injured? very un-akers like
Originally posted by ads_2006:
so what happened today?

is he injured? very un-akers like

everybody has a bad game at some point
Trade this bum .. hahaha

It happens, the problem is this team's entire philosophy, they live on the edge so much that when something doesn't click, the whole team falls apart. To win the 49ers CANNOT turn the ball over, miss field goals, not get sacks...etc..etc..etc, and today everything fell apart and when it does, this team isn't build to overcome those things. They literally have to be perfect all of the time just to be able to compete to win.
He sucks this year. His missed FGs were huge momentum changers
Akers f**kin blows this year
I love Akers, but he is way off his game this season. Not sure what's up with him.
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