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Harbaugh Handshake with Jim Schwartz

Awesome, I hope the "obscenity harbs said was " get out my face you little p***y b***h.
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I love the way Boone and the guys stand up for their coach
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The way I see it it looked like harbaugh had just celebrated with a player and shook schwartz's hand as if he was celebrating with another player, he might have not even realized it was the other team's coach coming up to him(note that he also could have thought it was one of his assistants). Because he basically ran up, probably said "WOO HOO" or something of that sort as he was shaking his hand, patted him on the back then ran off lol. Then you see schwartz looking like he said something along the lines of "what the f**k" then the rest is him chasing him down to cuss at him lol.
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Vernon Davis with his best block of the game, LMAO!
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f**k that fool. The Schwartz was not with him today!!!
I don't care what Schwartz said or did. Collect yourself for a civil handshake and act like you've been there before Harbaugh. Don't stoop to their level an and try to show your team has some class. Love the win, but this cheapened it a slight amount
ohh wooow the pundits are havin a field day with this one.... lack of professionalism?? KMA!!!!
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LaConfora on twitter says he thinks Harbs was over the line with his celebration. I told him to f**k off.

I really wanna try and capture video from that challenge by Harbaugh (the penalty one) so you guys can see the smirk in Schwartz face.
F*ck Swartz. I don't see Harbaugh doing anything wrong there. Someone should tell Swartz, Harbaugh once punched Jim Kelly in the head for saying he's soft.
So I guess they have never seen Vernon in a fight
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He chest bumps Alex Boone, shouts "Yeah!", gives Schwartz a pumped up handshake and back pat, takes a step, shouts "Woo!" and continues to walk away.

Tell me what is wrong with that?
Hilarious. Shwartz spazzing out.
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