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Harbaugh Handshake with Jim Schwartz

I want Harry to keep doing what hes been doing and not stop. Screw everyone else. Why would anyone want him to tone things down??
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Originally posted by ace49ers:
What did Harbaugh say when he went up for that hand hand shake and pat on the back??? I heard


*hand shake, pat on the back


There was no explicit from Harbaugh, none that I saw from the game. Schwartz hasnt even owned up to his part in the incident yet will come out and say that Harbaugh said something unsavory? A manly hand shake, a pat on the back was too much for Schwartz so hes now covering up his actions with the 'but he said something nasty to me . . . ' comment??

Child please.

after the pat on the back harbaugh goes "f**k yeah!" and so b***h ass schwartz is going to put that in his side of the story. punk ass b***h.
It's a shame that this game will be remembered for "The Handshake," instead of a great game led by two young, rising coaches
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