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The Yes, Alex Smith is better than Steve Young Thread

Originally posted by TRUCKRATHMAN:
It can, but I'm not worried about it...I'm not a troll, not a homer but I just follow my gut and I'm stickin to it. I wouldn't throw myself out here for nothing u know..I know my football..just saying my piece and stickin to it

Yes you do know your football. Keep on coachin up them pop warners...
Its true
You will stake all 19 posts of your reputation?
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Oh no he didn't!
Uhhhhhhhhhh, wow. No.

You might consider changing the name of this thread to something like, "Alex Smith has the potential to achieve more than Steve did" or something along those lines, because that is only way this thread could make sense. Steve did not start for the 49ers until he was 30 years old amazingly, and Alex is only 27. With Harbaugh just getting started and seeing the success he has so far, it's entirely possible Alex + Harbs win 2 super bowls together should they keep Alex around.

But Alex is better than Steve? LOL

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Originally posted by susweel:
Will not read, lol

He still has a lot to prove
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I'll oblige and talk amicably....

Hold on before I go into foot ball let's see what Alex Smith has to do first in order to be considered in the "Perhaps better than Steve Young."

  • A Career passer rating of 96.8
  • Most rushing Touchdowns by a QB 43 (I think Vick might've broken that)
  • Most passing titles, tied with Sammy Baugh- 4
  • Most seasons with passer rating over 100 – 6
  • Most TD's in one Super Bowl – 6
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Countless Pro Bowls

Not to mention he was doing this all while trying to shake of the shadow of Montana.

Alex Smith still has to get out of Jeff Garcia's shadow to step into Steve Young's

Young's arm vs. Alex Smith's arm in terms of strength is debatable in fact I would argue that Young's out of the 4 QB's was the strongest.

As far as being smart, Smith may have scored high on the Wonderlic, but Young is a friggin' Lawyer bruh…

By the way the Zone Blitz was developed in 1971, not 1995 and Steve Young wasn't and the only one who had problems with it, but everyone had problems with it and still continue to have problems with it.

You could perhaps say that Alex Smith is in a better off position at this point of his career than Steve Young was at this point in his or Smith has the potential to be better than Steve Young, but to say better than Steve Young…I don't buy it.

And the link below is my visual evidence.


Originally posted by Garcia:

He was frazzled when he slipped in the mudd mid play and threw the game winning TD Strike to T.O. in the playoffs vs. Green Bay. Totally Frazzled.

That was his only winning play vs the pack....can u name a better one?

Steve had his moment against Green Bay, I can't remember Smith having one…and here's the funny thing I am an Alex Smith apologist and think that with this particular coaching staff he can succeed, how much will depend on Smith…but now he truly has no excuses…

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f**k outta here
Originally posted by btthepunk:
TD-INT 232-107 Passing yards 33,124 QB Rating 96.8 Rushing Attempts 722 Rushing Yards 4,239 Rushing Touchdowns 43

23o.2 TD passes, 33,124 yards, 96.8 career QB rating (second highest ever), most passing titles, most seasons with QB rating over 100, lead the league in TD passes 4 times. Those are some of his passing stats, his running was also tops at QB.

I truly hope Alex can have a better career than Steve did. Wouldn't that be great. We'd have another dynasty.

To say hes better though....

Did u count tampa bays and his usfl numbers in that? Cough cough....kinda like smiths numbers prior to harbaugh?
Originally posted by Garcia:
He was frazzled when he slipped in the mudd mid play and threw the game winning TD Strike to T.O. in the playoffs vs. Green Bay.

Totally Frazzled.

he tripped over his own lineman's foot
You're also forgetting Tim Rattay: The lovechild of Steve Young, Joe Montana, a Charlie Sheen coke booger and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Originally posted by Norcal9erfan:
You like Smith more than Montana and Young, you are too lazy to back this POS thread post with any facts or evidence supporting your argument, and you consider having a "football reputation"?? Are you s**ttin me?? You should be banned and never allowed to post another comment about a 49er EVERY AGAIN!

I would NEVER like ANYONE more than montana brother...he will always be my #1 any sport or capacity
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