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I remember all we had to do is get a couple of yards in the first half of the redskins game on a 3rd and short, but the play wasn't called in time and we got a delay of game call because of all of the audibles Alex had to do. I feel like it takes too long to run the play that costs us to lose a potential first down. Sometime I feel like we're making plays look too fancy.

They had plenty of time but the personnel wasn't ready, plus they weren't expecting the refs to run the clock that quickly. If we were at home I don't think this would've been a problem.
I believe it was a new wrinkle that we were letting out for the first time. Alex was actually the one calling the plays a couple times the first couple drives. We went a little no huddle and Alex was shifting guys all over. I think we will start seeing more and more of this and giving Alex a chance to run things as he seems fit. As far as the false starts, it just seemed like the timing was off. We were seeing installing new elements, and it's to be expected that we don't have it down quite yet.

Just my own theory...