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Am i the only one waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
I don't know if the "other shoe will drop," but I am a bit worried that people are all getting way ahead of themselves only 5 games into the season. I mean, the media are all jumping on the bandwagon with the latest power rankings, and that never seems to work out well. Let's hope the Niners truly are legit and carry this on the final 11 games of the season... we still have a long way to go though, so I will wait a while before I get too excited.

I tend to agree with this. I am excited with how things are going right now, but am not going to get TOO excited after 5 games.
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Just because it happens ever year it is in my head, but I don't believe it'll happen this year maybe 2-3 but not 4-5
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