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Am i the only one waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Don't get me wrong, I am fully enjoying the season so far, but I can't help but think that our annual 4-5 game losing streak will inevitably happen. For the past 8 years or so we always have a losing streak that brings right back to where we started. I don't think a long losing streak will happen with this team but I can't help but have reservations in the back of my mind.

Am I the only one having trouble fully believing in this team that we are true contenders in the NFC?
I'm as cynical as they come and I felt the way way you do up until the Bucs game. I expected a let down but we straight demolished a good team. Right now I think we can beat anyone. Seriously. Harbaugh knows WTF he's doing. Detroit will be a very tough game, but I think we can win. And if we do, we're a top 5 team, easy.
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We will go through a rough patch but I don't see us losing 4-5 games in a row, not with Harbaugh as coach.
Originally posted by Amir:
We will go through a rough patch but I don't see us losing 4-5 games in a row, not with Harbaugh as coach.

agree! Feels great to completely demolish another team and outcoach other teams. Been awhile since we can say this.
This team just has a fire to them this year. Something that has been nonexistent under Sing and Nolan. The defense is playing with extra confidence and Alex...has been balling. No INT's in 5 games.....hard to believe but its a true stat. Against good teams we probably won't blow them out but we'll keep it close enough for us to do something to pull out the win. That is the difference between 2011 and past years.

Win or lose against detroit......our schedule on the other side of the bye week is very favorable. I do agree this game is HUGE. Everyone thought Philly was the tester but they are playing really bad right now and we barley pulled out the win. A couple playcalling changes and we win against Dallas. Detroit is 5-0 and they have a solid team and we play them in their house......this is the true TEST!
Well its ok to not be sure but ask yourself this;
what with it take for you to believe?
I'm certainly holding my breath. I'm not as skeptical as I was after the Philly game, but I think we need to make a good showing in Detroit. Even if we lose, as long as we make it a close game, we'll be respected. We're just a couple plays from having the same record as these heralded and undefeated Lions. Someone needs to tame them, and I think we are up to the task. All their games are close except their blowout against an awful Kansas City team. They beat the Bucs by one TD, whom we annihilated by an identical score to their Chiefs game. They barely beat a struggling Vikings team. They certainly don't look dominant.

The main thing I'm concerned about is this being in a domed stadium in Detroit. We could have a lot of issues with false starts like the Bears did. I hope that Harbaugh and co. are able to adequately prepare the Niners for this game. They practiced with crowd noise during the week against the Cowboys, even though we were at home. How f'ing sad is that? Anyways, they still haven't proven that they can win in a hostile environment with a lot of noise ie. Seattle or Detroit. Philly is definitely not a friendly place, but noise is not as much of a factor in an outdoor stadium.
Things are different from the last few times we started out strong...This time we have more talent and a coach that has us fully prepared to WIN ...not play for field position and field goals *Cough Cough Sing ,Cough*
When I stop to think we were beating the Cowgirls , came back and beat the Eagles , and totally dominated the Bucs , No I am not waiting any longer for the other shoe. I feel very good going into each game now , and No I just don't see us on any kind of 4-5 game losing streak , maybe a rough game here and there. Damn that feels great.

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Are you kidding? The Niners play in the NFC West. They have only played one game in the division and beat the Seahawks already. Have you seen the Cards and Rams play this season? With eleven games to play, they have 5 left in the division against dog meat teams. There is no 4-5 game losing streak in this team's future. End of story.
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Guess I can appreciate the worry, but no, I don't see us going on a losing streak of more than a couple of games. We have shown that we are now a team that can adjust to what doesn't work for us. Teams have started to recognize that... you know what? These guys can pass the ball when they want to... and that opens up our run game since teams have to play us more honestly. I think we should expect 9... maybe more wins... and the NFCW crown.

It's time to be positive!
Watching the Detroit game lastnight, there was nothing convincing enough to tell me the Niners cant win this game. I dont even think they intercepted Jay Cutler whos known for doing so under pressure! So in that case i think Harbaugh will take notice on what the bears did right against the lions and add a little more execution on the right plays.
There will likely be games when all goes agaisnt the 9ers and they lose, but isn't it nice to think things have to go against SF for them to lose? We now expect them to win and I attribute that to Smith playing well, but mostly Harbaugh being such a low key guy about the work ethic and not letting anything bother the team. Morgan's loss? Yes, they will miss Josh but the next guy will step up. Great attitude, as opposed to "Can't win with em!"
We will beat them Lionesses.
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