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Am i the only one waiting for the other shoe to drop?

They have a good coaching staff for a change. There will be ups & downs, but I doubt we will see a downward spiral like we did every year with Nolan or Singletary coached teams.
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This team is different, plain and simple. The annual flop we've seen in the past was a product of poor team chemistry, coaching, and leadership. Nolan was a good Defensive technician but something of a phony and inevitably the team stopped believing in him. With Singletary, the team was essentially rudderless or worse; shackled to a loose cannon. Under Harbaugh, the team is developing poise and belief in each other. This is a fundamentally different dynamic. Harbaugh is the real deal and his team knows it.

There's no doubt this team will go through through some loosing streaks and be challenged along the way. That's how the NFL works. But I don't expect them to collapse as they have in the past because there's no bubble to be burst. Their progress and their confidence is not an illusion.
Jim Harbaugh. Buncha first rd picks. new attitude. playing with mounts of confidence. end of story. guys, we have a LEGIT team, dont be surprised if we win 12+ games, just saying..

Originally posted by NINERFORLIFE12:
Don't get me wrong, I am fully enjoying the season so far, but I can't help but think that our annual 4-5 game losing streak will inevitably happen. For the past 8 years or so we always have a losing streak that brings right back to where we started. I don't think a long losing streak will happen with this team but I can't help but have reservations in the back of my mind.

Am I the only one having trouble fully believing in this team that we are true contenders in the NFC?


Eff this thread
Originally posted by Amir:
We will go through a rough patch but I don't see us losing 4-5 games in a row, not with Harbaugh as coach.

I really don't see 4-5 losses in arow. We will lose some upcoming games, maybe some we shouldn't and win some nobody thinks we should. But we are a much better team at this point than our very best game last year. 10-6 by the end of the season.
The thought lingers, but this is a very different team even though it's the same players.

While it's hard in the NFL to win every game this game is really tough and to come out of this with a win is huge. but i won't be too disappointed with a loss unless it's by the Ref's hand in the mix

It is a legitimate question, but the defense looks like it has rectified much of its early season problems. A solid defense will keep teams in a lot of games.

The season is still early, and things can go south very quickly for any NFL team (Jets, Eagles, etc.), so you have to go week by week, not projecting too far out whether it be with optimism or skepticism

Winning two EST games is a very good sign for the future. Those are really difficult to pull off, even with the Bengals and Eagles.
It just feels VERY good to know that our head coach is a lot smarter than theirs. I think the only way we lose and eff up any game is if the players eff it up. Don't think Harbaugh will go into turtle mode anymore after the DAL loss. He's probably still kicking himself for not taking that penalty because we would be 5-0 now. I know he hates that 1 loss.
i'm in the same boat. i think for me to feel comfortable or lose the this isn't real feeling or whatever it is i need to see ONE thing and ONE thing only.

Alex smith carrying the offense the team on his back. this defense has been playing lights out. to know our team is for real, our defense has to have a bad game against a good team like the lions (unlike philly that is not a good team so far this year) so that we will be in a real shoot out against a spectacular dline and decent to solid back 7. if alex can thrive in this situation with near constant pressure from their offense to score and their defense to run for life, then i will probably feel comfortable with alex and thus our team. even if we don't win, alex should not be the reason we lost.

just my humble opinion. not an alex thread/post.
Originally posted by miked1978:
Originally posted by Amir:
We will go through a rough patch but I don't see us losing 4-5 games in a row, not with Harbaugh as coach.


this, I think the max we lose is 2. (in a row)
We haven't done well overall in the first half of the season in the past few years which killed our chances for the rest of the year.

I thought that if we were at 4-4 or 5-3 by the half, we'd be in good shape.

We're 4-1 already! We're in good shape.

Throw that other shoe away.
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