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What's everyone's feelings on QB rating?

What's everyone's feelings on QB rating?

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Here is NT's feeling:

When it fits my preconceived agenda, I love it.
When it refutes it, it is a load of crap.


Not really, because how can something as positive as a QBR of 97.7 be looked at in a negative or not worthy of anything sort of way? Plus when you add everything that oldman9er has mentioned.

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The thing is, it wasnt JUST quarterback rating that was used against Alex in the past. It was:

- Quarterback rating
- W-L record
- Yardage
- Lack of touchdowns
- Touchdown to turnover ratio
- Completion %

Its funny to me how the AFC is desperately trying to throw certain things in us detractors faces, yet its been 4 games. 3.5 of which Alex played average to below average football. I have been the first detractor to admit that he has been MUCH better and I hope to see him continue to take strides in his game. I just feel like the AFC has been taking stats/plays/our record and completely blowing them out of proportion to make Alex seem great. Hes been better. He still hasnt been good-great. Half of a game does not make up for the first 3.5 games, or the last 6 years.

WTF is an AFC?

And I won't lump everyone into one category as you seem inclined to do. I just speak for myself and say this.

If the QB has a 97.7 QBR and is ranked #8 with efficient numbers... after 4 games... with the 32nd ranked pass protecting OL... the offense # 1 in penalties... starting RB averaging 3.7 yds... with starting WRs out and injured... and multiple drops per game... new HC and OC... new scheme, etc...

Blowing up stats? No... just appreciating them, considering all of the above things mentioned.

I agree with you that you have to take a look at all of the numbers in order to get a more clear view of the whole picture. Some people will just focus on what supports their arguement and totally ignore other enlightening numbers. IMHO

.. and I will add to that, we are tied for 5th in the league in most team drops. ---->

( and I am going back to count, as I am quite sure that number is more favorable than it should be )

That angers me

Looks more like the pro Alex guys are winning with much more to show than ever before.
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Alex's season rating now over 100 at 104.1
QBR is an improvement but they need to do away with the sacks. It kills quarterbacks in their analysis and in most cases it's due to poor o line play and/or good coverage.

Alex last week was considered a sub-par starter and anyone watching the game knows that he actually was par. The sacks killed him but if he rushes those throws they might lose that game with a costly INT.
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